Investment Opportunities

The information set-out below has been developed by Regional Development Australia - Central West with the assistance of Blayney Shire Council.

  • key indicators

-   SEIFA Ranking – 92 out of 152 NSW LGAs
-   47% of Blayney residents work in the Blayney region
-   Unemployment rate of 3.5% (2012)
-   Labour  force  participation  rate  of  60.8% (2011)

  • competitive strengths

-   Strategic location being only 3 1/2 hours drive
    from Sydney
-   Supportive and proactive Council
-   Access to a skilled and diverse workforce
-   Well placed SEIFA ranking (see below)
-   Direct road access to Sydney, Melbourne and
-   Blayney Intermodal Terminal at the Blayney
    railway yard
-   Fully  serviced, strategically  located  industrial
accessible to both the Mid-Western
and the railway
-   Regional Relocation Grants available to
    eligible residents looking to move 
to the region
  . (NSW Office of State Revenue)
-   Classified as an Inner Regional Area (RA2) by
    the Department of Health and 
Ageing means
    that medical professionals 
moving from major
    city areas to Blayney 
may be entitled to
    relocation and retention 


Blayney Shire is part of the Central West Region
  • potential growth sectors and initiatives

    -   Mining – locally based mining support services such as logistics firms, equipment and personnel
        hire and general business support services.
    -   Alternative Energy – including wind farms, solar energy, geothermal, biofuels and bioenergy that
        harness waste from the traditional energy sector, are potential areas of opportunity.
    -   Advanced Manufacturing – e.g products with high levels of design, technologically complex and/or
        innovative products. The Manufacturing sector imported the most in terms of goods and services
        from outside  the  region  indicating  potential  for  growth in  this  sector  and  businesses  servicing
        it locally. Light industrial and specialist manufacturers are also areas identi!ed as providing growth
    -   Wholesale trade – further development of support services.
    -   Health Care and Social Assistance – medical and other health care services; medical specialists;
        dental services; residential care services; child care services. The popularity of retirement villages is
        expected to continue as the population ages and living costs escalate in particular in metropolitan
        areas, making the need for an affordable place to retire more critical.
    -   Organic Agriculture - and alternative fruit crops such as hazelnuts, figs and feijoas. Cold climate
        presents opportunities for developing a niche wine sector. 
    -   Retail trade – identify gaps in provision locally.
    -   Tourism  –  including  the  use  of  premises for  provision  of  onsite  entertainment,  recreation
        (indoor and  outdoor),  function  facilities,  information,  interpretation  and  cultural  activities  for
        visitors and the  general  public  (National Tourism  Planning  Guide, TTF,  June  2011). Examples
        include: tours, museums, wineries, golf courses and nature-based attractions, food and wine trails,
        development of conventions and events; sports tourism. Develop speci!c target marketing
        (e.g. Asia is the fastest growing tourism market in the world) and short term accommodation.
    -   Knowledge  based  industries  –  for  example,  Information  media  and  Telecommunications,
        Communications, Finance,  insurance,  real  estate and business  services; Community,  social and 
        personal services.  
    -   Small, Micro and Home Based Business – e.g. develop a range of programs which target sectors 
        including trades,  cultural and creative  industries and school leavers.  Initiatives include identifying 
        industry champions, networking events, assisting with funding applications, development of cluster 
        groups, ‘Setting-up your own small business’ programs, organising ‘Career Development Days’ with 
        schools, producing a business newsletter, encouraging participation in business awards programs, 
        assistance establishing online presence using social media (e.g. Facebook), ebay, etc.
    -   Niche industries: cold food storage hub, livestock yards and associated services all provide growth 
        opportunities within the region.
    -   Facilities and services geared towards families including recreational activities and towards an
        aging population including aged care and residential facilities.



Last modified: 21 Jun 2016

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