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Council is committed to supporting and promoting the arts and culture of the Blayney Shire and its villages. This includes several museums located throughout the Shire in Blayney township, Carcoar and Millthorpe. Download the Central NSW Museums guide to the right of this page.

The Viv Kable Museum - Blayney

Located in the Blayney Shire Library, Adelaide Street, the Viv Kable Collection displays rural and domestic tools and implements from yesteryear.  Many documents and items associated with the development of Blayney are also on display.  A unique feature of the collection is the catalogue compiled by Mr Viv Kable which can be accessed through the History Resource database at the Library.

Visitor Information is available at ‘The Cottage’, Blayney’s Tourist and Community Information Centre located across the road in Adelaide Street.

Stoke Stable - Carcoar

Built by convict labour (c. 1849), in Naylor Street and possibly the oldest building in Carcoar - "Stoke Stable" is the home of Carcoar's Historic Society Museum.  The museum displays historic photos and memorabilia reflecting the residential, industrial and agricultural history of the local area.

Carcoar Hospital Museum


The original Carcoar Hospital building in Eulamore Street is one of Australia's earliest colonial hospitals and is a unique and important part of Carcoar's history.

Built to the design of renowned colonial architect Edward Gell, it was completed and occupied in 1861. The building/location is still used to provide medical & care services, however, hospital services have ceased.

The Carcoar Hospital Museum and Restoration Committee have established a Museum dedicated to medical & hospital services, with the building as the main exhibit. The Museum also recognizes the community support which has always been a vital component of the hospital and its services.

A permanent display dedicated to the health and medical services within the district is housed in the 150 year old Carcoar Hospital building.

From time to time, special exhibitions dedicated to various health, medicine & hospital services also compliment the permanent display.


Carmanhurst Room [Museum] - Carcoar


The Carmanhurst Museum is situated in Foley Street Carcoar, in the top room of Carcoar School of Arts.  The Carmanhurst Museum consists of Wartime Memorabilia donated to the museum.

The Court House - Carcoar

Situated in Icely Street, built in 1882 and designed by the government architect James Barnet, the Carcoar Courthouse replaces one designed by Edmund Blackett.  The current Courthouse ceased operation in the 1950's and became the headquarters of the local historical society in 1994.

Golden Memories Museum - Millthorpe

Take a step-back in time and explore the rich social, mining and agricultural history of the district.  The museum, situated in Park Street, has a Wiradjuri display, interactive schoolroom, a collection of tractors and a 13 tonne Clayton Shuttleworth steam traction engine.  The museum of Rural Technology tracks the development of machinery and its local use for pea-picking, potato cropping and farming in the district.  Most of the machinery has been made operational for the museum environment.

Arts OutWest

Arts OutWest is the regional arts development service for the Central West of New South Wales. It is managed by the Central West Regional Arts Board and its role is to promote, facilitate and advocate for the arts and cultural development of the communities in the region.  Arts OutWest was founded in May 1974, making it the longest running regional arts development program in Australia. Arts OutWest is an independent incorporated association funded through contributions from Arts NSW and its 12 participating local government councils and Charles Sturt University. The aims of Arts OutWest are to:
  • Assist artists and community groups to develop arts projects.
  • Maintain a Central west cultural database.
  • Provide information, referral contacts and resources.
  • Assist with funding applications which brings dollars into the community.
  • Present workshops on cultural development, marketing, funding, and cultural planning.
  • Advocate for Central West funding applications to funding bodies.
  • Secure funding for regional projects.
  • Provide opportunities for the artists and community members of the Central West to participate in State and regional projects.
  • Promote and publicize Central West arts and cultural events by putting arts on the radio, TV, internet and in newspapers to increase access to the general public.
  • Showcase the Central West community and its arts and cultural activities.Produce regular publications (newsletters and calendars)Promote the importance of arts and culture for improving quality of life.
  • Promote the importance of arts and culture for bringing people and visitors to the region.
  • Work to encourage local government to support arts and cultural activities.
  • Work to assist local governments to plan for arts and cultural development.
  • Work on a state and national level to secure increased funding and services for the region.

For further information, visit the Arts OutWest website

Golden Era Piano Museum

Golden Era Piano Museum is Australia's only piano museum and is located at 52-54 Carcoar Street, Neville. The Museum is open every weekend and school holidays from 10am until 4pm.

Pianos from the Golden Era are without Equal in Beauty and Tone so are now highly sought after. If you're looking for your own stunning refurbished Golden Era Piano, contact us to learn what we may have available.

Specialised Tuning Service Voicing and Repairs, Preservation Tunings, Caring for local Schools, Churches, Aged Care & Family Pianos in the Central West for over 40 years.

For further information visit Golden Era Piano Museum website.


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