Bridge Renewal Project

Blayney Shire Bridge Renewal Project is replacing six timber bridges

Due to the existing bridge structures reaching the end of their serviceable life, Blayney Shire Council is in the process of facilitating the delivery of the replacement bridges, working with contractors VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd.  The six bridges programmed to be replaced are Felltimber Road, Errowanbang Road, Coombing Street, Dowsetts Lane over Coombing Creek, Gallymont Road and Newbridge Road. The bridges will be replaced with concrete structures with a 100-year design life and are expected to become an enduring part of the Blayney Shire landscape.

The project is possible through funding provided under Round 2 of the Federal Government’s, Bridges Renewal Program along with Blayney Shire Council’s financial commitment.  This programme upgrades local bridges across the country bringing transport infrastructure improvements for our communities.

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Naming of Bridges

Council felt it appropriate that there be a consistent approach to the naming of these bridges, and provide an opportunity for the community to be engaged in the project.
Council has resolved to utilise its current Road and Street Name Policy, to determine names for each bridge, as this already provides a list of fallen local service men and women from the district, some who died 100 years ago this year.
As part of the engagement component of the project, Council will engage with the RSL Sub-branches, Blayney Shire Local & Family History Group and local schools to identify suitable names for the new bridges.

Felltimber Bridge

The replacement of Felltimber Bridge was completed on 30 June this year. 




Errowanbang Bridge is currently in construction phase. 
Coombing Creek –  2 August to 6 October 2017.
Gallymont Road  –  9 August to 12 October 2017.
Newbridge Road – 7 September to 15 December 2017
Dowsetts Lane – 15 October to 3 November 2017.

Bridge replacement program update

Last modified: 05 Dec 2017

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