Control Plans

In addition to State Legislation and State Planning Policies, Blayney Shire Council has a range of local development controls that must be addressed when lodging a Development Application for development in the Shire including the following: 

  1. Local Environmental Plans:  There are two current plans in the Shire.  For the majority of the Shire the relevant plan will be Blayney Local Environmental Plan 2012 ('BLEP2012') which commenced on 23 November 2012.  If your land is within the Zone 1(c) area along Forest Reefs Road or Browns Creek Road then some of the controls from Blayney Local Environmental Plan 1998 ('BLEP1998') may still apply.  Please contact Council to discuss which plan is relevant to your land.  The plans cover matters including, but not limited to, land use zones, the permissibility of certain land uses in each zone, subdivision, and heritage (see links below). 

  2. Development Control Plan(s) (DCPs):  DCPs provide more detailed controls for certain types of development or in certain areas of the Shire.  A full list of current DCPs can be found at the link below.  Council is currently preparing a new comprehensive DCP for the Blayney Shire which will be placed on public exhibition when the draft is available, which will supersede all previous DCPs.

  3. Developer Contribution Plan:  Development contributions are sometimes required to be paid by an applicant to assist in the provision of community infrastructure in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.   Contribution plans set out how much must be paid, when it must be paid, and how it will be spent by Council (see link below).

  4. Council Policies: Council may also provide guidelines on procedure and practice through Council resolutions and other policies.

  5. 2018 Draft Development Control Plan
    During February and March 2018 Council exhibited the 2018 Draft Development Control Plan.

    Council is currently correlating feedback received during this exhibition period. It is intended Council at its 25 June 2018 meeting will endorse a new DCP and it commence in July 2018.

    Chapters of the Draft DCP that were exhibited can be found below. It is important to note the documentation below is not the final endorsed version of the DCP and provisions within the final endorsed DCP may vary from those contained within the chapters below;

Last modified: 01 May 2018

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