Beware of Black ice - Winter Road Safety


Winter Road Safety

Winter has arrived and motorists are urged to take extra care when driving by reducing speed, especially in icy conditions.

July is the month with the highest number of crashes, in icy conditions, within the western regions of the state. More than half of ice related crashes occur between 6am and 10am.

Road conditions can change quickly in winter and driving on icy roads can be challenging, even when you know the roads well or are an experienced driver.

Motorists travelling along the Great Western or Mid-Western highways or driving on roads in the Bathurst, Blayney and Millthorpe areas should take extra care as there is a high risk of encountering icy conditions in winter.

Here are some simple winter month tips to help make your journey safer:

Watch your speed
Speeding is a contributing factor in snow and ice related crashes in 45 per cent of cases. Drive to the conditions, reduce speed if weather deteriorates Drive with caution, particularly on icy roads and in fog and snow.

Use fog lights or headlights
By turning on fog or headlights during bad weather, you be more visible to other motorists and should also help your own visibility.

Take care overtaking
Never overtake on a hill, at a bend or an intersection.

Don’t tailgate
Braking distances on wet or icy roads increase dramatically. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Brake and accelerate gently
Braking in icy or wet conditions should be gentle. Brake early and accelerate slowly.

Obey traffic signs
During wet and icy weather always drive to the road and weather conditions and reduce speed. Posted speed and advisory signs are there for your safety.

Electronic message signs placed around the region to help warn you to watch out for ice on roads.

For more information, call the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 (24 hours) or visit  

Further tips and information can be found here:

Last modified: 26 Jun 2018

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