Blayney Shire community research program study – Do people get better with age?


Photographs from the EA Lumme, Mandurama Photographic Collection, National Library of Australia.

What skills, resources and strength-based strategies are required by people as they age in rural communities in the Central West of NSW? 

A special research project is now underway within the Blayney Shire to discover the character and motivations of people who are ageing to answer the question “Do people get better with age?”

Blayney Shire Council and members of the local community organisations are assisting researchers from Charles Sturt University (CSU)’s Rural Resilience Research Group, based at Bathurst campus to explore the skills, means and decision-making that have been the basis for quality ageing.

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services is funding the exploratory study that will make contact with as many people as possible in Blayney and villages to interview them to find out if there are common elements that may be useful in future policy development for ageing in rural communities.

How you can help:

-          The research group seeks the contact details of people over 70 who feel they are resilient:

-          The researchers will contact some of these people and using ethical research practices arrange an in-depth interview for the research;

-          The research team are also interested in historical records of events that show aspects of resilience living in a regional community.

If you would like to get involved please contact Vianne Tourle, Project Manager on 02 6338 4953 or email-

If you are over 70 or know someone who may be interested in assisting in the research program, please complete this short online survey.


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Last modified: 17 Nov 2017

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