Congratulations to the Winners!

Mayor Scott Ferguson had the honour of presenting the lucky winner of the online rates sign-up competition with an iPad mini. The winners Mr & Mrs Riles have graciously decided to donate their prize to Blayney High School who had an immediate use for the iPad. Mr & Mrs Riles are hoping to ultimately encourage a culture of giving in our community, to extend the privilege to those not as fortunate and to spread that wealth around.

Along with everyone else who signed up during the competition period, you too may find there are many benefits to signing up to receive your rate account(s) electronically, including:
Being able to receive your notices anywhere, anytime.
Getting notices as soon as they are issued - giving you longer to pay before their due date.
Reducing the risk of rates notices getting lost in the mail or when filing them.
Ability to store notices electronically for up to 5 years without having to have a paper file.
Helping the environment by cutting down on paper consumption.

If any other local rate payers would like to sign-up for online rates notices, please click



Last modified: 23 Mar 2017

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