General Manager Update

Following the endorsement and adopted changes by Council on Monday night, a number of documents are now available on Council’s website and a hard copy of each has been printed and made available for viewing at Council Offices.

Public feedback is encouraged and your submissions invited during this exhibition period.  Council must consider any comments and public submissions prior to adoption at the 25 June meeting.

Documents include; the draft 2018/19 Operational Plan and 4 year 2018/2022 Delivery Program, which includes:
  • the budget for both operational and capital projects
  • rates charges structure
  • proposed fees and charges for Council facilities and services.  
In addition, feedback is sought on Councils Resourcing Strategy including the:
  • Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2028
  • Workforce Management Plan 2018/2022 and
  • Asset Management Plans 2018/2028 with associated Asset Management Policy and Strategy
The Resourcing Strategy for Blayney Shire is comprised of the following 3 components:
  • The Long Term Financial Plan. This plan addresses the financial resourcing capacity requirements of our Delivery Program. The Plan covers a 10 year period and includes financial modelling and planning assumptions that have been identified as affecting the financial capacity of the organisation.
  • The Workforce Management Plan. This plan addresses the human resource requirements of our Delivery Program. It covers a timeframe of 4 years and includes analysis of our workforce and factors impacting future resourcing.
  • Asset Management Plans. In accordance with Council’s Asset Management Policy these plans cover a 10 year period and identify the assets that are critical to our operations and outlines risk management strategies for these assets being; Transport (Roads and Footpaths), Sewer, Parks and Recreation and Buildings.  The Asset Management Strategy has also been established in conjunction with the Asset Management Plans.
The major contributors to Councils income in the draft budget for the 2018/19 financial year include the following:

For 2018/19 IPART has released the rate peg index at 2.3%, which Council has adopted.   The mining rate continues to contribute a substantial amount to Council’s rate base (49.9%). Council is very aware of the reliance on this income to help fund the general operations of Council and to mitigate this risk a large proportion of this revenue is directed toward funding capital projects.

Domestic Waste annual charges are proposed to increase by 1.94% to $420 and Commercial (Non-Domestic) Waste annual charges are proposed to increase by 4.35% to $480.

A $20 per property assessment availability levy is proposed to establish an equitable contribution by all residents towards the Blayney Waste Facility, in particular for the management and processing of recycling and green waste, which will incur a significant cost impost due to the China Sword Policy.  Whilst there has been some discussion for a green bin collection service, the benefit of this levy is that the public recycling stations throughout the Shire will remain.  In addition, as at 1 July local residents will be able to dispose of appropriately separated recyclable products and residential green waste at the Blayney Waste Facility free of charge.

In 2017/18 the Government released the freeze on indexation of the Financial Assistance Grant.  Council has forecast that it will receive $2.53m of untied grant monies in the 2018/19 financial year based on a 2.5% increase from the prior year.

Council is scheduled to complete works on the Southern Cadia Access Route by September 2018. In partnership with Cadia Valley Operations and funding obtained from Resources for Regions. The project is budgeted to cost $10.44m and 2 years to complete. In 2018/19 $1.176m is forecast to be expended to finalise the project with associated grant funding of $576k.

Works on Forest Reefs Road are programmed for 2 years commencing in 2018/19with $999k forecast to be funded by the 2012/13 Mining special rate variation. Mandurama Road will see $802k worth of upgrades with a matching 50% grant funding. Programmed works valued at $687k are to be delivered on Newbridge Road, and a further $1.2m to fund important road renewal activities such as heavy patching, gravel resheeting and reseal works throughout the Shire.

Whilst there is an amount of investigation and studies required, including development of a final design and scope of works; Council has proposed to bring forward the replacement of Cowriga Creek Bridge on Carcoar Road, allocating $750k for this project in 2018/19, to be funded by a long term loan.

The Major and Minor Plant replacement program continues with replacements of $1.36m scheduled to take place in the 2018/19 year.

Council’s operational expenditure for the 2018/19 Financial Year includes provision of a 3.0% increase to wages for the 2017/18 inclusive of the 2.5% State Award increase and a further 0.5% progression based increase on Award entitlement where applicable.

A provision for borrowings of approximately $3.6m has been made to facilitate upgrades to CentrePoint, implement the Residential Land Development Strategy at 32 Plumb Street and complete the Cowriga Creek Bridge Replacement Project.

Council is seeking comment on these important documents on exhibition at  

If you wish to make a submission, this must be in writing or emailed to the General Manager and received prior to the close of business on Thursday, 21 June 2018.
Last modified: 24 May 2018

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