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CenWest Innovate Next Stage Growth Program
CenWest Innovate aims to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central West NSW, to encourage interaction between small to medium-sized enterprises and the University, to support business innovation, and to encourage jobs growth in the region.

The Next Stage Growth Program is a 6 month program for supporting the development of micro, small and medium sized businesses that are already sustainable, but are wanting to move to the “Next Stage” of their development.

It covers 14 topic areas in 3 modules that are fundamental to helping businesses innovate, start new initiatives, develop new markets, and improve sales, cashflow and profitability.  Many of these 14 topics are those not normally taught in either a CertIV or a business degree.  Topics include the innovation and entrepreneurship process, the business canvass, understanding your customers and target markets, branding your business, effective selling, marketing and communications strategy, public relations and customer relationship management, process improvement and lean management, exporting, innovative forms of finance, accounting and cashflow management, debtor management, effective networking, pricing, and managing staff.

The topics are taught by CSU staff as well as range of top tier presenters from industry and government.  Each topic is taught using adult learning techniques, so involve a range of practice exercises and real cases.  There are no exams to tests but participants regularly reflect on their learning and changes that they are making in their business.

Each month they get together for a Thursday evening session (5.30-8.30 pm) followed by a full day session on the Friday.  Two weeks later they get together for a half day Friday reflections session or hackathon, where participating businesses talk about what they are learning and the challenges they are facing.  They each receive feedback from the other businesses in the room, our Industry expert, as well a couple of professors who are involved in supporting the program.  They are very helpful and enjoyable sessions, with a network developing between the businesses as they support and work with each other.

Each business also receives one or more mentors to help them during the program.  Mentors are matched with businesses based on what areas of their business that they want to develop.  

Participating businesses can have up to two people attending the program.
Previous participants have indicated high levels of satisfaction with the program, with many businesses achieving substantial growth due to the program.

Two cohorts have now completed the program in 2017 and 2018, and the next program is planned to start in April 2019.  For more information and an application form and to a video about the program, please visit or email

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IPWEA NSW Public Works Leader of the Year Award
We are pleased to announce our Manager Operations, Nathan Skelly, was awarded the IPWEA NSW Public Works Leader of the Year Award at the recent state conference in the Hunter Valley. Nathan has worked with Blayney Shire Council for the past 10 years and is passionate about achieving great outcomes for the local community focusing on improvements to delivery methods and reducing asset deterioration.

This is a wonderful achievement, congratulations Nathan.

Last modified: 15 Nov 2018

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