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2017/18 Operational Plan Adopted

Councillors were kept busy at the June meeting, with a number of reports being presented by staff, to be considered by councillors, including the adoption of the 2017/18 Operational Plan and 4 year Delivery Program.

During the Public Exhibition period, Council received submissions in relation to school access to Sporting Grounds, and CentrePoint Sport and Leisure, so adjustments were made as a result.

The Operational Plan and Delivery Program have now been adopted and are now available for public access on Council’s website

Disability Inclusion Plan

Council also adopted the Disability Inclusion Plan with some amendments resulting from contributions provided by the community during Public Exhibition period. Council was required to prepare the plan in order to comply with requirements of the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, Blayney, Cabonne and Orange Councils  took a collaborative approach to the development of the plan with individual strategies and actions.

Developed through community consultation and research, the plan provides Council  with strategies and actions to ensure we provide quality facilities and services that enable people with disability to fully participate in our community. In addition the plan aims to increase community awareness helping make Blayney Shire more accessible for all community members.

A copy of the Disability Inclusion Plan can be downloaded from Councils website-

Blayney Skate Park gets Development Approval

A major step forward has been taken with Council approving the Development Application (DA)for a new skate Park at Heritage Park. This is another positive step forward for the project, following the community engagement sessions earlier in the year, undertaken with residents and school groups to identify the most suitable site, and what features were most appropriate for local skaters and bmx’ers..

At present the project remains unfunded. However the DA Consent provides the necessary approval which will further support the Skate Park Working Party and Council as we seek to identify funding opportunities.

Naming of Bridges

Council are currently undertaking the replacement of 6 larger timber bridges with concrete structures. The new bridges have been designed with a 100 year design life and are expected to become an enduring part of the Blayney Shire landscape.

Council felt it appropriate that there be a consistent approach to the naming of these bridges, and provide an opportunity for the community to be engaged in the project.

Council has resolved to utilise its current Road and Street Name Policy, to determine names for each bridge, as this already provides a list of fallen local servicemen and women from the district, some who died 100 years ago this year.

As part of the engagement component of the project, Council will engage with the RSL Sub-branches, Blayney Shire Local & Family History Group and local schools to identify suitable names for the new bridges.


Reappointment of Volunteer Controller – Blayney SES

Our emergency services workers, both paid and volunteer on call at all hours, rain, hail or shine to protect our properties, our communities and us.

Every 2 years, Council is required to consider a recommendation, to formalise the reappointment of the SES Local Controller.

Council has recently notified the SES Central West Region of its approval for Reg Rendall to be reappointed to the position. Council congratulates and thanks Reg for his service over the past 20 years to the Blayney SES Unit, with the last 9 years as Local Controller.


Last modified: 29 Jun 2017

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