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Waste and Recycling News

Community Recycling Stations
Community members have access to several community recycling stations throughout the shire including; Blayney, Millthorpe, Carcoar, Lyndhurst, Mandurama, Neville, Newbridge, Barry, Forest Reefs and Hobbys Yards.

During December and January Blayney Shire residents consistently deposit an additional 11 tonnes per month of recyclable materials into the yellow lidded bin.
This period also results in a volume of recyclable materials that the community recycling stations cannot accommodate, often resulting in material being placed next to the bins. JR Richards are under no obligation to collect materials not within a bin.

If you find the bins at a community recycling station are already full, please take the material to the Blayney Waste Facility which, provided it is not contaminated and is sorted prior to arrival, can be disposed of for free.

Contamination in yellow lidded recycling bins
Contamination within yellow lidded recycling bins costs the community significantly more money to process because it has to be removed on the processing lines at the Materials Recycling Facility in Sydney and disposed of at landfill in Sydney at significantly increased rates.

Planet Ark lists the following recycling tips to help the environment, reduce landfill and save the community money;
  • Recycle right - Recover all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, aluminium cans and foil and steel tins.
  • Do not put recyclables in plastic bags - Use a tub or basket to carry these items to your recycling bin, or use a cardboard box.
  • Donate your old clothes and shoes – Donate them to a charity or if they can’t be donated place in the red lidded waste bin.
  • Leave lids and labels on plastic bottles - The recycling process will remove these.
  • Green waste - Put lawn clippings, branches or food scraps in the red lidded waste bin or take clipping and branches to the Blayney Waste Facility.
  • Conserve water by not rinsing - Just empty any food or liquid before you put items in the recycling bin.
  • Nappies - Place in the red lidded waste bin.
  • Polystyrene foam - Place in the red lidded waste bin.
  • Whitegoods (fridges, washing machine, dryers etc) - Take to the Blayney Waste Facility
  • Electronic waste - Take to the Blayney Waste Facility.
Blayney Waste Facility Opening hours increased
From 1 January 2019 the opening hours of the Blayney Waste Facility are:
  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 5pm
  • Sunday 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 5pm (Buyback shop is not open on Sundays)
Blayney Waste Facility – Free disposal items
The following items can be disposed of at no charge, provided they are not contaminated and sorted prior to arriving, at the Blayney Waste Facility;
  • Residential green waste and tree prunings,
  • Clean fill,
  • Light and heavy steel & motor vehicles,
  • Electrical waste items, including; TVs, computers and printers.
  • General recycling items, including glass containers, aluminium cans, plastic bottles, cardboard/paper
Container Deposit Scheme – Return and Earn
Council continues to lobby the NSW Environmental Protection Authority and the contractor, Tomra, seeking installation of a Reverse Vending Machine in the Blayney Shire.

Council has recently become aware of an independent Bathurst based business, Bathurst Recycling, which is providing a weekly collection service to Blayney for bottles, cans and other drink containers eligible for the NSW Government’s Return & Earn 10c refund.

Council has no affiliation with Bathurst Recycling, but simply seeks to;
  • Increase opportunities for Blayney Shire residents, businesses and sporting groups to claim the 10c refund on eligible containers,
  • Reduce the volume of material being processed through the yellow lidded recycling bins, and
  • Reduce waste deposited to Landfill.
For further information contact Bathurst Recycling directly on 6331 2886 
Last modified: 17 Jan 2019

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