General Manager Update

Council held the April meeting last week on Tuesday 18 April and the following is a brief summary of some of the decisions made.

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Country Mayors Association
Council have accepted the invitation from Country Mayors Association of NSW to become a member council and allocate the Annual Membership fee, travel and accommodation expense to the 2017/18 Operational Plan.  Whilst Council is a member of a number of organisations which advocate for local government in NSW, including LGNSW and Mining Related Councils, it was agreed that this was an opportunity to have direct contact with the NSW Government and network with the current member rural and regional Councils.  

It has a collegial approach and focuses on providing a mechanism for constructive communication flow to NSW Government, irrespective of size of the Council.     

Upper Macquarie County Council
Upper Macquarie County Council (UMCC) is a single purpose local government council with the same compliance and reporting requirements as that of a General Purpose Council.   UMCC is the control authority in the areas of Bathurst Regional, Lithgow City, Oberon and Blayney Shire Councils; responsible for regular inspection regimes and the control of noxious weeds by occupiers of land and on roadsides. 

Council received an update from UMCC advising that an Acting General Manager has been appointed and as a priority there will be a review and exploration of alternative governance models.  Based on the current trend UMCC’s Balance Sheet moves from Total Equity of $838,000 in 2017/2018 to a forecast negative balance of $52,000 in 2026/2027.  UMCC resolved, given the current mismatch between funding, reporting and compliance demands and service levels this is unsustainable.  Council views the role of regional collaboration in addressing noxious weeds as critical for safeguarding the region’s productive and valuable agricultural industry. 

MOU Tourism Board 

Council executed the Orange Region Tourism Memorandum of Understanding between Blayney Shire Council, Cabonne Shire Council, Orange City Council, Brand Orange Ltd and TDO Ltd.  The MOU will operate from the date of signing to 31 December 2017.  It is expected to be superseded by a new document for the same parties following the establishment of a new Regional Tourism entity expected from 1 July 2017.
Blayney Shire Council Tourism budget is very effective and efficient, reliant on local volunteers operating the VIC and community driven events.  The expected level of buy-in for Blayney Shire is unknown and the report noted membership to F.O.O.D, Brand Orange and Central NSW Tourism combined is $11,682 and until the future of Central NSW Tourism is resolved the only expected saving would be membership to Brand Orange for $3,182.

Council will be presented with the draft RTO Strategic Plan and budget when more informed comment may be provided.

Doctors Incentive Loans 

Following a public exhibition period, Council approved the provision of interest free loans of $40,000 each for repayment over 2 years to Dr. Kalpana Srikantharan and Dr. Sothilingham Vijayakumar.  This assistance is granted for new GP’s housing and practice refurbishments and has supported both Carcoar and Blayney Medical Practice services, in line with Council’s current package for Doctors Incentives for Retention and  Attraction Policy.

Last modified: 27 Apr 2017

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