Media Release - Back to school – Safety around buses

With a new school term starting next week, Blayney Shire Council, Road Safety Officer, Ms Iris Dorsett, is sending a timely reminder to motorists to refresh education on Safety Around School Buses.

“At the end last term, Council received reports from local bus companies advising of an increase in poor road safety behaviours by both children and adults in terms of safety around school buses,” said Ms Dorsett. 

“While students were heading off on a well-deserved holiday, road safety behaviour should never go on holidays.”

When driving near school buses drivers are reminded there is a 40km/h speed limit for traffic passing a school bus that is setting down or picking up school children.
This speed limit is for all traffic travelling in the same direction as the bus, whether it is stationary or moving.

The 40km/h speed limit must be obeyed when the rear wig wag lights in the bus flash.
Flashing headlights on these buses also alert oncoming motorists that children are close by. As a driver, remember: When the lights on the bus are flashing, you must slow down to 40km/h. Never park in or near a bus zone.

On and off the bus safely - Children are most at risk in the minutes after getting off the bus. You can reduce this risk by meeting your child (or arrange for another trusted adult to meet your child) at the bus stop, never on the opposite side of the road.
Wait until the bus has been driven away before choosing the safest place to cross the road, then follow the usual road crossing procedures with your children.
STOP! One step back from the kerb.
LOOK! To your right, left and right again.
LISTEN! For the sounds of approaching traffic.
THINK! Whether it is safe to cross. 

Ms Dorsett provided this information for parents and carers, “Teach your children to keep turning their head in both directions to look and listen for traffic as they cross the road.”  
“While waiting at the bus stop, stand well away from passing traffic. Never wait right at the kerb. Remind your children that when a bus is fitted with seatbelts, they must buckle up. Until they turn ten, hold hands with your child as you cross the road,” she concluded.

For Interviews and photo opportunities, please contact:
Ms Iris Dorsett, Tablelands Area Road Safety Officer, 0407 065 482

Last modified: 13 Jul 2017

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