Media Release - Illegal sale of noxious weeds on eBay

Noxious weeds being sold on eBay by a resident of the Upper Macquarie County Council local control area have been destroyed.

“UMCC staff recently became aware that a resident of the UMCC Local Control Area was selling Class 4 Noxious Weeds on eBay” said Clr Geoff Braddon, Chairman of Upper Macquarie County Council. “This particular weed was Opuntia Microdasys, a variety of Cactus.”

“All Class 1, 2 and 5 weeds are prohibited from sale in NSW and some Class 3 and 4 weeds are also prohibited from sale in NSW, either state-wide (some Class 4 weeds) or in some Local Control Authority areas” said Clr Braddon.

“This weed is prohibited from sale across NSW.”

“Prohibition from sale includes any barter, offer or attempt to sell, receive for sale, have in possession for sale, expose for sale, send, forward or deliver for sale or cause or permit to be sold or offered for sale, or sell for resale.”

“In this particular instance, on being contacted by UMCC staff the seller immediate removed the plants from sale. A meeting was held with the person and an inspection of other plants on the property took place. During the inspection two other opuntia

species were identified on the property. All noxious weeds have been destroyed” said Cr Braddon.

“These particular weeds are noxious due to their ability to survive in all types of terrain and conditions, their invasiveness plus their impact on humans and animals.”

“It is very important that people wanting to sell non-indigenous species and who are not familiar with the restrictions contact staff at Upper Macquarie County Council and seek advice first.”

“People trading in noxious weeds can face fines, in this instance the seller was cooperative and no further action will be taken against them” said Chairman Braddon.

More information on noxious weeds and their control can be found on at

More information: Chris Jackson, Weeds Officer P: 02 6338 2875 M: 0429 455 189



Last modified: 04 Jul 2017

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