Media Release - Tablelands Area Road Safety Program

Recently the Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) conducted an investigation into the safety of informal school bus stops.

Some of the general findings included the following recommendations:

Contemporary safety risk management techniques recommends, wherever possible, that risks are eliminated. Where risks cannot be eliminated, suitable controls must be in place to make the situation safe.

To prevent children being exposed to the risk associated with crossing rural roads during their travel to and from school, OTSI recommends that rural communities work together to enable children to remain on rural bus loop routes where children are only picked up or dropped off near, and on the same roadside, as their residence.

Where this option is not available, then careful consideration must be made when determining suitable children pick-up and drop-off points to minimise the risk to children crossing rural roads. The location of a bus pick-up or drop-off point will greatly influence where children cross a road. Persons involved in assessing a suitable crossing location must consider vehicle approach speeds, sighting distances, road topography, sighting obstructions, vehicle braking distances and a child’s capability to cross a road on their own.

Further to this, adult supervision must be provided in cases where children do not hold the required capabilities to cross a road on their own. Current guidance suggests adults hold the hands of children near roads to the age of 8 years old (TfNSW) and other guidance suggest up to the age of 10 years old (NSW Education road safety website).

Comprehensive advice for parents and carers about children using roads can be found at

It is imperative that the whole of community clearly understand the key elements that determine a suitable non-designated bus pick-up and drop-off point, and more importantly, what determines a suitable location for children to cross the road from one safe place to another safe place, then safe passage to their residence.

Parents and carers are encouraged to consider these findings when organising the pick-up or drop-off of their children at an informal bus stop.

For further information please contact:
Iris Dorsett
Tablelands Area Road Safety Officer
Bathurst Regional & Blayney Shire Councils
Mobile: 0407 065 482

Last modified: 12 Sep 2017

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