Planning for Our Future



The Planning Process

To understand our Community's aspirations for the future and to plan Council's operations, asset maintenance and renewal programs and financing options to achieve these goals, Council has proactively engaged with the Blayney Shire Community to develop a Long Term Strategic Plan spanning a 10 year time-frame.

The approach adopted has been in accordance with the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) requirements of the Local Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Act 2009 and the Local Government General Amendment (Planning and Reporting Regulation) 2010.  Further details of Council's Strategic Planning Process are available on this website and are summarised below:

10 Year Community Strategic Plan (CSP) – outlines short (1 year), medium (2-5 years), and long term (6-10 years), priorities, directions, strategic objectives and progress indicators (KPIs) that address the Community’s key priorities and aspirations for the future.

4 Year Delivery Program – describes the resourcing (asset management, long-term financial and workforce) strategies required to achieve the priorities and strategic objectives outlined in the 10 Year Plan. 

Annual Operational Plan and Budget – provides a financial and resource allocation plan that identifies services and activities to be carried out over a 12-month period.

Quarterly Reviews – provide a review of Council's performance against specific tasks and key progress indicators.

Annual Report – reflects and reports on Council’s objectives, its operations and achievements for the financial year when measured against key performance indicators (KPIs). This process is to improve Council's long term Community planning and asset management ; while improving engagement with and reporting to the Community.

Future Outcomes

The community has identified the following outcomes that have been refleincluded in all planning documents:

Grow the Wealth of the Shire

Employment growth is needed to keep people in and attract people to the Shire. There are opportunities for growth in niche agriculture, mining and in tourism. Retailing activities need greater levels of local support to remain viable and to grow. There is a need for the water, energy and transport to be sustainable and provide a platform for future growth.

A Centre for Sports and Culture

Participation in sports and the provision of cultural activities and events has and will continue to bring the Community together. A coordinated program of events also has the potential to attract visitors and help to grow and sustain local businesses.

Preserve and Enhance our Heritage and Rural Landscape

Although the rural landscape is beautiful, the environmental facts are that less than 10% of native vegetation remains in the Shire and there are growing issues with erosion and salinity. Action must be taken to encourage sustainable land use practices particularly as population increases. The biodiversity of our water ways is also important and there are rich and productive soil types that need to be mapped and protected.

Develop and Maintain Shire Infrastructure

Social and physical infrastructure is the backbone that supports a community. Transport carriers, rail and roads connect the Shire to the greater region and help people and goods and services move into, out of and around Blayney.  Information and communication technologies are the new highways to the world and it is important that there is coverage across the Shire so everyone can be connected. Water and sewer infrastructure are essential for public health and economic growth supporting property development.

Develop Strong and Connected Communities

There is a need to integrate and improve communication and linkages between our communities, so that they can share, support and learn from one another, helping to build capacity to be self reliant.
Strong communities are healthy and fit communities and this is especially important as our population ages. Access to medical facilities when needed is important particularly in emergencies. Balanced communities retain both younger and older members, helping to maintain viable population levels. Both young and old need the facilities and opportunities to participate and contribute to community life.


To achieve our preferred future, we will all need to work together. Working together can be easily achieved if we build and maintain strong relationships and networks. Present relationships and networks will further benefit from a planned approach to community engagement and involvement in decisions and activities that are important to people. Building the capacity of existing and emerging community leaders throughout the Shire will strengthen our networks, build trust and drive more successful outcomes.
Elected representatives need to work as a team and the Council organization needs to be well run and resourced to do its work to help achieve our preferred future. Governance needs to be open and transparent with every interaction an opportunity to build trust, confidence and credibility.

Last modified: 06 Jul 2016

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