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The WBC Alliance is a voluntary cooperative Alliance of 3 councils in central west NSW,  working together to achieve outcomes for our councils and communities.  The member councils are Blayney, Cabonne and Central Tablelands Water.

In 2013 the Alliance celebrates 10 years of successful collaboration having achieved over $4.6 million of savings and efficiencies for our member councils.

We are proud of our achievements and in the spirit of how we operate we are very happy to share our resources and experiences with other councils and organisations.  After working together for 10 years we have a few tips and tricks on how to make partnerships and collaborative ventures successful!

Visit the WBC Alliance website.

Read or download the latest WBC Allaiance Annual Report (PDF 4.6MB).

Last modified: 20 Jun 2016

Blayney Shire Council

91 Adelaide Street, Blayney NSW 2799
PO Box 62, Blayney NSW 2799
Telephone: (02) 6368 2104
Facsimilie: (02) 6368 3290
Email: council@blayney.nsw.gov.au

Council opening hours:
Monday to Friday
9.00am - 4.30pm

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