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Barry Village
Barry village developed in the second half of the 1800's with stores, a school (established in 1862), church, blacksmith, hall, carrier and homes for agricultural workers.
Blayney Township Thumbnail Image
Blayney Township
First sighted by surveyor George Evans in 1813, there was settlement throughout the area between 1821 & 1828 before the gold rush of the 1850s and 60s sparked settlements including Blayney. The site decided upon for the township was in a picturesque valley with the Belubula River running along its eastern boundary.
Thumbnail Image of Carcoar Public School
Carcoar Village
Nestled in a small, sheltered valley through which wanders the Belubula River, Carcoar is the third oldest settlement west of the Blue Mountains. Carcoar offers a wealth of history and is a must for visitors to the Blayney Shire.
Lyndhurst Village
Once on the shortlist of locations for the Nation's Capital, Lyndhurst in the late 1880's boasted three banks, three general stores, a cinema, pub, professional photographer, farrier, baker, fruit shop, butcher, three garages, railway station, hall and showground.
Mandurama Village
Mandurama began in the mid 1800's as a private settlement for the nearby and large Icely family property, with workers on the property establishing their homes.
Millthorpe - Victoria Street Thumbnail Image
Millthorpe Village
Millthorpe Village boasts award winning restaurants, arts and antiques, a museum, boutique shops, hotels, wine tasting and accommodation enhancing its charm, sophistication and eclectic style.
Neville Village Uniting Church Thumbnail Image
Neville Village
Tucked away in a quiet corner of Blayney Shire, away from the highway traffic but retaining a proud sense of heritage and community spirit is Neville.
Newbridge - Gladstone Hotel Thumbnail Image
Newbridge Village
The town of Newbridge resulted from the arrival of the railway and construction of the station in 1876. Newbridge boats fine, old buildings, the Stringybark Craft Cottage and the Newbridge Cottage Garden Nursery.


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