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Flood Management

In the event of a flood that presents a risk to life or property please contact the SES on 132 500. Residents are reminded that the SES is the government agency that is responsible for response in flood, and they should be contacted first if there is any risk to life or property from flood waters. Special care should be taken near floodwaters, as the depth and speed of the water can change quickly.
In particular:

  • don't drive through flood waters - as flood waters rise, a vehicle can start to float and may easily be washed downstream
  • never swim in flood water - with sudden changes in depth and speed, it is easy to be swept away by flood waters. Whirlpools, snags and turbulence can be fatal
  • always follow the instructions of emergency services agencies  - they may have to start an evacuation several hours before the peak of the flood waters arrive. Whilst the danger may not be apparent to you at the time, it is important to understand that the SES has access to up to date information about what is happening up stream and what the risks might be  
For further information on what to do in the event of a flood, please visit the State Emergency Services (SES) website.

Blayney Flood Study Report

Blayney Shire Council in consultation with Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd have adopted the Town of Blayney Flood Study on 18 May 2015. The primary objective of the New South Wales Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy is to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers of flood prone property. This is the first step in identifying work to reduce the flood impact into the future


Last modified: 03 Apr 2018

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