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Neighbourhood Safer Places

A Neighbourhood Safer Place is a place of last resort for people to shelter during a bushfire when other protection measures cannot be implemented or have failed.

The NSW Rural Fire Services developed guidelines for the identification of Neighbourhood Safer Places across the state of NSW. The primary purpose of a Neighbourhood Safer Place is the protection of human life. A Neighbourhood Safer Place is an identified building or space that can provide a higher level of protection from the immediate life threatening effects of a bushfire. Using a Neighbourhood Safer Place still entails some risk, both in moving to them and while sheltering in them and cannot be considered completely safe.

Neighbourhood Safer Places do not cater for pets. When using a Neighbourhood Safer Place do not always expect emergency services to be present:

  • Neighbourhood Safer Places do not provide meals, amenity or cater for special needs (e.g. for infants, the elderly, the ill or disabled).
  • They may not provide shelter from the elements, particularly flying embers.

  • Neighbourhood Safer Places within the Blayney Shire are: 

    Barry Community Hall 21 Selwyn Street, Barry
    Blayney High School 1 Water Street, Blayney
    Blayney Showground 22 Marshalls Lane, Blayney
    Carcoar Public School 13 Icely Street, Carcoar
    Central Tablelands Livestock Exchange 4860 Mid Western Highway, Carcoar
    Lyndhurst Public School 8 Russart Street, Lyndhurst
    Neville Public School 8 Crouch Street, Neville
    Mandurama Sportsground 32 Gold Street, Mandurama
    Millthorpe Public School 32 Park Street, Millthorpe

    These Neighbourhood Safer Places have been sign-posted and are ready for use, if required.

    Additional information on Neighbourhood Safer Places can be found on the NSW RFS website

    Last modified: 03 Apr 2018

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