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Recycled Water Treatment Plant

Status: In progress, commissioning complete, awaiting validation

Estimated Completion Date:  November 2022

Funding: $535,000 - Funded by Council

Project Description: 

Blayney Shire Council have historically supplied recycled water from the Blayney Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to Cadia Valley Operations.

In December 2019, Cadia Valley determined it no longer required recycled water and treated water and has since been discharged to the environment in accordance with the Environment Protection Licence. In April 2020 Blayney Council commenced the water recycling program at the (STP).

Blayney Shire Council is committed to water recycling to reduce environmental discharges of wastewater and to reduce demand for drinking water. Council therefore proposes to recycle water from Blayney STP for irrigation of playing fields and for Council road and construction usage.

Council currently irrigates King George Oval with potable Water which comes at a significant cost financially and socially, particularly during drought and water restrictions.

Napier Park is not currently irrigated.

King George and Napier Ovals are connected to the recycle water but are awaiting Section 60 validation before Council can commence the use of treated water.

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Last modified: 06 Oct 2022