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Developer Contributions

Section 7.11 (Developer) Contribution Plans

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A ACT), Section 7.11 is the sole source of power for Council to levy developer contributions for public services, infrastructure and amenities. Section 7.11 contributions are a monetary contribution levied on developers at the development application stage to help pay for additional community facilities and/or infrastructure such as provision of libraries; community facilities; open space; roads; and bushfire facilities.

The Court has established the following principles for testing the validity of a consent condition requiring a Section 7.11 contribution:

  • The contribution must relate to a planning purpose

  • The contribution must fairly and reasonably relate to the subject development

  • The contribution must be such as a reasonable planning authority, duly appreciating its statutory duties, could have properly imposed.


Last modified: 23 Jul 2018

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