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Footpath Trading

Council is responsible for managing the footpaths. To ensure pedestrian access and safety is maintained, an approval is required to place outdoor seating within a boundary, or to display goods on the footpath. 
Council’s Development Control Plan 2018 sets out standard controls to safeguard a fair and equitable sharing of the footpath for trading purposes and of course for maintaining safe pedestrian access. 
Consent under Section 125 of the NSW Roads Act 1993 (Roads Act) is required before using a footway for restaurant purpose, commonly known as footpath trading.

All applications must be accompanied by a Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance). The applicant's name must match the name of the insured. 
The Certificate of Currency must include:
  • Name of the insured;
  • Amount insured (minimum $20 million);
  • Council listed as an interested party.

Last modified: 23 Sep 2021