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Land Use Strategies & Studies

Land use strategies are plans that seek to promote sustainable development by reviewing local issues and challenges and making recommendations about short, medium and long term land use supply and development controls that allow local government areas to adapt to change. Land use strategies are developed in consultation with local communities to understand the existing and desired future land use outcomes for each locality and the key issues that each community faces. 

During the preparation of these strategies, Council must also consult with federal and state government agencies to take into account legislation and policies that affect land use planning and environmental controls.

Land use strategies seek to balance the different opinions from the community, government and specialists on recommended land use options.  This forward planning enables both the community and Council to achieve a common expectation about development outcomes and provide increased certainty for land owners and investors whilst enabling appropriate development.

Council has prepared the following land use strategies/studies to support future decisions about land supply and development controls:

Please follow the above link(s) to read further information or to download copies of these documents. 


Last modified: 18 Feb 2021

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