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Blayney Settlement Strategy

Blayney Settlement Strategy

The Blayney Settlement (Land Use) Strategy ('Settlement Strategy' or 'Strategy') is a plan that identifies key issues facing each of the eight (8) key settlements in the Blayney Shire and develops strategies to address those issues and manage the future growth and enhancement of each of the settlements over the next 10-20 years. 

This Strategy is limited to those areas that are currently classified as Zone RU5 - Village or R5 large lot residential, under Blayney Local Environmental Plan 2012 (BLEP2012).  This includes:  Blayney, Millthorpe, Carcoar, Mandurama, Lyndhurst, Neville, Newbridge and Barry.

The Draft Blayney Settlement Strategy (October 2010) ('Draft Strategy') was placed on public exhibition in November 2010.  Public submissions were received by Council until 18 February 2011.  As a result of the submissions (both from the public and government agencies) and further workshops with Councillors in February 2011 - a number of amendments were made to the Draft Strategy.  The Draft Strategy was presented to Blayney Shire Council for approval at the Ordinary Council Meeting in March 2011.  At that meeting further amendments were requested by the Councillors in order for Council to adopt the Strategy.  Those additional amendments are now incorporated into this Final and Adopted Strategy.

Copies of the Final, Adopted Blayney Settlement Strategy are provided below and copies are available by contacting Council.

Last modified: 28 Jul 2016

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