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Section 10.7 Planning Certificate

A Section 10.7 Planning Certificate provides information on how a property may be used and the restrictions that apply to development. The Planning Certificate is issued under Section 10.7 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The two types of Planning Certificates prepared by Blayney Shire Council are issued under Section 10.7 (2) and 10.7 (5) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979:

Information disclosed on a Section 10.7 (2) Planning Certificate is specified under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 and includes the following:
  • Names of relevant planning controls
  • Zoning and land uses under the planning control
  • Coastal Protection
  • Mine subsidence
  • Road widening and road realignment
  • Council and other public authority policies on hazard risk restrictions
  • Section 7.11 Contributions Plan
  • Matters arising under the Contaminated Land Management Act, 1997
  • Bush fire prone land
  • Property Vegetation Plans
The Section 10.7 (2) and (5) Planning Certificate contains the information above and additional information such as whether a Development Consent has been issued on the property in the last five (5) years.

Why do I need a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate?

Any person can obtain a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate to find out information about their property.  The Conveyancing Act, 1919 requires a Section 10.7 (2) Planning Certificate to be attached to a contract of sale.

A S10.7(5) is an optional requirement.

To obtain a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate, complete a Planning Certificate Application Form or write to Blayney Shire Council providing details of the land (eg. property address, lot & deposited plan number, details of the current owner). A fee will apply.

Note: The information provided on a 10.7 certificate can only be guaranteed on information available on the day of issue.

Last modified: 20 Dec 2019

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