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EOIs Open for additional pre-approved Road Names

Have you wondered how street names are chosen for new developments? 

Generally, when a road name is required, the developer picks from a list of pre-approved names which is an appendix to Councils; Road, Pathway and Bridge Naming Policy. 

Names have traditionally celebrated local flora, acknowledge veterans, Indigenous leaders, individuals/organisations who have contributed to the development of the Shire (including former Councillors), individuals with outstanding achievements (including sport, educators, and industry leaders), acknowledge the multi-cultural nature of our society or be associated with the heritage of the area.

We are looking to expand and diversify the names on our pre-approved list, and we need your input. We are asking the community to nominate names and provide supporting information for consideration. 

This process is serious unlike in 2018 when Transport for NSW undertook community engagement seeking name nominations for 6 new ferries', with ‘Ferry McFerryface’ infamously being the #1 choice then later renamed.

This topic is meaningful and a sensitive issue for our shire (as it usually involves and includes nomination and consideration of those who have passed). Council has a strict: ‘Road, Pathway and Bridge Naming Policy’ which must be adhered to, including the following criteria:

  • An individuals’ service or contribution must be above and beyond their paid work
  • Not be for a person who has been deceased for less than twelve months
  • Not be a current commercial or business name
  • Not be the name of a person holding public office
  • Unlikely to be considered controversial by the broader community
  • Be unique and clear. 
  • Not repeat the same or similar name for a bridge and road on a single road or within the local area (e.g., Smiths Bridge near Smith Street)
  • Not be for a name already recognised within Blayney Shire (excluding small plaques or a listing on a memorial), including as a place, or facility name.

If you have a suggestion, you can complete the form below and submit it for consideration. 

All submissions will require background evidence to substantiate the claim, it is not Councils role to complete historical research for name suggestions. If sufficient detail and evidence is not provided the name will not be assessed or considered.

Please note, this is an EOI for names to be added to Council’s pre-approved list for future developments and not for immediate or guaranteed use.  

EOI for names to be considered on the preapproved list will close on Tuesday 30 April 2024.

Click here to read Council's Road, Pathway and Bridge Naming Policy.

Last modified: 23 Feb 2024