Drought Communities Program Extension 2019

Sporting groups, Hall/Showground and Recreation Ground Trusts, Community Village/Progress Committees and Organisations are invited to nominate an infrastructure project to be considered for funding under the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Program Extension, as announced on 7 November 2019. 

The program supports local community infrastructure and other drought relief projects for communities impacted by drought that will:

• provide work for people whose employment has been impacted by drought

• stimulate local community spending

• use local resources, businesses and suppliers

• provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries they depend on.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions 2019  for information and Guidelines have been published on the business.gov website https://www.business.gov.au/Grants-and-Programs/Drought-Communities-Programme-Extension

Please complete the EOI Drought Communities Program Extension Blayney form and submit to Council for consideration.

Key Details:

• Click on the Save button on the EOI form on the last page to save your completed form to a location you can easily edit and access.

• The final and completed EOI along with any supporting documents are to be emailed to council@blayney.nsw.gov.au by 4pm, 31 January 2020

• Evidence of planning, costs and project delivery ie. Quotes, DA Consent, Landholder consent if applicable are essential supporting documents

• We have asked for a list of suppliers, contractors, trades and/or builders with details of what they are providing you to deliver this project and this is important information to assist Council in assessing the funding criteria which aims to support the local economy

• The project must be at least $25,000 of eligible expenditure and be completed by 31 December 2020

• All budgets and amounts must be GST exclusive.

• GST will be paid in addition to the funding provided if successful, and all GST reporting will be the responsibility of the recipient organisation

• Council will be reviewing the eligible and preferred projects to be submitted and a report will be presented to the February 2020 Council meeting

• Council projects will be assessed and considered alongside those projects submitted by community groups

• Any offer of funding is subject to approval by the Australian Government which will undertake their own assessment process and make the final determination of successful projects

As a matter of priority, please contact Council on 6368 2104 or council@blayney.nsw.gov.au to make an appointment for any Planning, Development Application, Heritage or other advice before you commence project development any further.

Please contact your local Development Coordinator who will be able to provide you with support in completing the EOI.  Email contact details for each are as follows;
• Blayney - Ian Tooke tookeian@yahoo.com
• Southern Villages (Lyndhurst, Mandurama, Neville) – Kate Burrell nevillefunnyfarm@gmail.com
• Villages East/South (Newbridge, Carcoar, Barry) – Kim Martin kimmartinwork@outlook.com
Last modified: 02 Dec 2019

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