Heavy Vehicle Route Investigation


Blayney Shire Council has recently received funding from the NSW Government to develop a Business Case to investigate an alternative Heavy Vehicle Route in Blayney.  This proposal would formalise the emergency services alternative railway crossing and link the Mid-Western Highway near Guyong Road with the Orange Road west of the Blayney urban area, via the Blayney Industrial Estate.

This concept of a second railway crossing, should there be an accident on the existing Adelaide Street crossing was first muted in the 1970’s by the Bathurst-Orange Development Corporation (BOCD).  The discussion around available industrial land, a heavy vehicle transport link to the north of Blayney and access to rail freight options in Blayney continued into the early 2000’s and identified in the Blayney 2020 Master Plan and Industrial Lands Strategy completed in 2017.  

This investigation funded by the NSW Government however is not for a bypass of the highway and features of this proposal would include;

  • A new 2 lane road of approximately 5km within a new and existing road corridor, including new intersections with the Mid-Western Highway, Guyong Road, Marshalls and Grehamstown Lanes;
  • Access into the Industrial Estate via Marshalls Lane
  • The realignment of approximately 2 kms of Guyong Road and Greghamstown Lane;
  • Relocation of the existing on grade railway crossing at Greghamstown Lane; and
  • A new roundabout at the intersection of the proposed road and Orange Road.
The NSW Government invited Council to prepare an Expression of Interest to their Growing Local Economies program and this was submitted late 2017.  We have now had funding approved to engage engineering consultancy firm, Morrison Low to research and prepare the Business Case and anticipate that this will be completed by December 2019.  

A conservative estimate at current prices for this proposal is in the vicinity of $15million, of which Council has no budget allocation in the short or longer term.  Following the business case phase, any future project development and planning would require an external funding source in addition to extensive stakeholder engagement, community and local business consultation.
Last modified: 28 Nov 2019

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