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Pets add another dimension to our lives bringing constant companionship, friendship and unquestioned loyalty and trust.

It is mandatory under the Companion Animals Act 1998 that pet owners ensure their cats and dogs are micro-chipped for identification and registered with their local Council. Failing to micro-chip or register a pet can result in a penalty. Animal owners are responsible to ensure pets are healthy, safe and do not create a nuisance in the neighbourhood.

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Dangerous Dogs Thumbnail Image
Dangerous, menacing, restricted, nuisance dogs
Learn how a dog can be declared dangerous or menacing. Find out the dog breeds that are prohibited.
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Dog Attacks
What should I do if a dog attacks me? Am I legally liable if my dog attacks another animal or person? Can someone else remove my dog from my property?
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Keeping a Cat
Learn about your responsibilities as a cat owner, including cat care tips, buying a cat and cat permits.
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Keeping a Dog
Find out about owning a dog, caring for your dog and off-leash areas to safety exercise yourself and your dog.
Microchip Thumbnail Image
Microchipping and Registration
In NSW, all cats and dogs, other than exempt cats and dogs, must be microchipped by 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away, whichever happens first.
Off Leash Area - Thumbnail Image
Off-Leash Areas
Off Leash Areas are provided where dogs can run, exercise and socialise leash-free with other dogs and dog park visitors.
Simple tips to help barking dogs
All dogs instinctively bark, its natural behaviour and how they communicate but excessive barking is not healthy and a nuisance for those close by. It is also a good idea to talk with your neighbours to find out if or when your dog barks.
Last modified: 13 Jul 2020

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