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Pollution and Open Burning

Pollution is the release of harmful substances into our surroundings, which impacts on the health of our natural environment.  As well as affecting our environment, pollution can also impact on our health and wellbeing.  Substances such as litter, sediment, fumes from cars, excessive noise, dust and chemicals are all classified as pollution.

Most pollutants fall under one of 4 main categories.  These are air, water, noise and waste.  To reduce the amount of pollution entering the environment, the government has developed the Protection of the Environment Operations (POEO) Act.

Reporting a Pollution Problem

In most cases, concerns about pollution should be referred to the source or person causing the problem.  The contact telephone numbers on this page should be used when an approach to the person causing the problem has not been, or is unlikely to be successful.  All reports are treated as highly confidential and will be dealt with accordingly.

Blayney Shire Council - p - 02 6368 2104
Department of Environment and Climate Change (formerly known as the EPA) - p - 131 555 (24 hrs)
Fire Brigade (for emergencies only) - where resources are not available to contain material released in a pollution incident which could potentially threaten public health, property or the environment - p - 000.

Types of Pollution

Contaminated Land
Land may become contaminated through exposure from chemicals, oils, asbestos and other substances. Contaminated land may have restrictions as to what may be done with the land.
Noise Pollution
Noise Pollution occurs if noise is occurring after office hours, or may be caused by power tools and equipment, musical instruments and sound equipment, motor vehicles or refrigeration units fitted to motor vehicles.
Stormwater Pollution
Water pollution can be a major environmental issue which has a long-term negative impact on the health of our local waterways. Water pollution commonly occurs as a result of substances such as sediment, organic matter, chemicals, litter, fertilisers ...
Woodsmoke and Control Burning
Wood smoke pollution affects everyone. It is bad for your health and the health of others in your community.
Last modified: 05 Jul 2018

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