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Access to Information

Access to information - Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

Accessing Council Information

Council publishes a range of information under the GIPA Act. Follow the below links to find out more about our Policies, Council's Agency Information Guide, a disclosure log of information applications, details of information not disclosed to the public and our register of government contracts.

What information is held by Council?

For details of Council's structure and functions, the various kinds of information it holds and how that may be accessed are set-out in Council's Agency Information Guide

What information is publicly available?

Council has the following information available for the public on request:
-   Annual Reports
-   Council's adopted Code of Conduct
-   Council's Code of Meeting Practice
-   Payment of Expenses and the provision of facilities to Councillors policy.
-   Investments Policy
-   Delegations Register
-   Register of Disclosures of Political Donations

Council has the following plans and policies publicly available:
-   Council's Plans and Policies

Council also has information in on the following:
-   Returns of the interests of Councillors, designated persons and delegates.
-   Land register
-   Investments register
-   Register of graffiti removal work kept in accordance with section 13 of the Graffiti Control Act 2008
-   Register of contracts
-   Register of voting on planning matters kept in accordance with section 375A of the LGA
-   Neighbour (Personal) Information under the Dividing Fences Act (refer form below)
-   Gift Register
-   Pecuniary Interest Register
-   Disclosure by Councillors & Designated Persons Return

Information about development applications
-    To access Development Application records download and complete the Request to Access Development Application Information.

For more information regarding the documents listed below please contact Council's Health and Building Department.
-   Development Applications and any associated documents received in relations to a proposed development:
-   Home Warranty Insurance documents.
-   Construction Certificates.
-   Occupation Certificates.
-   Structural Certification Documents.
-   Town Planner Reports
-   Submissions received on Development Applications
-   Heritage Consultant Reports
-   Tree Inspections Consultant Reports
-   Acoustic Consultant Reports
-   Land Contamination Consultant Reports
-   Records of decisions on Development Applications including decisions on appeals
-   Records describing general nature of documents that Council decides to exclude from public view including internal specifications and configurations, and commercially sensitive information
-   Approvals, Orders and Other Documents

For the below listed documents please contact Council's Customer Service Department:
-   Applications for approvals under part 7 of the LGA
-   Applications for approvals under any other Act and any associated documents received
-   Records of approvals granted or refused, any variation from Council Policies with reasons for the variation, and decisions made on appeals concerning approvals
-   Orders given under Part 2 of Chapter 7 of the LGA, and any reasons given under section 136 of the LGA
-   Orders given under the Authority of any other Act
-   Records of Building Certificates under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
-   Plans of land proposed to be compulsorily acquired by Council
-   Compulsory Acquisition Notices
-   Leases and Licenses for use of Public Land classified as Community land

Release of Information

Under the GIPA Act there are four ways that government information will be released:

1. Mandatory Release

The Blayney Shire Council is required to publish specific open access information on our website, free of charge. For example, these include a register of government contracts, disclosure log, policies and Agency Information Guide.

2. Proactive Release

In addition to the mandatory release of certain government information, the Blayney Shire Council is authorised under section 7(1) of the GIPA Act to make any government information held by the agency publicly available unless there is an overriding public interest against public disclosure of the information.

At intervals of not more than 12 months the Blayney Shire Council must review its program for the release of government information in accordance with section 7(3) of the GIPA Act.

3. Informal Release

The Blayney Shire Council is also authorised to release government information held by it, to a person in response to an informal request for information, unless there is an overriding public interest against public disclosure of the information under Section 8 of the GIPA Act.

Authorised staff may release information following an informal request, that is, a request that is not a formal access application. To make an informal application for Council Information please complete the Informal Access Request Form.

4. Formal Release

The Blayney Shire Council may release information in response to a formal access application. A formal request for access to documents may be made by:

Completing a Request for Access

You may complete one of the below forms available depending on the nature of your request. If uncertain please do not hesitate to contact Council to seek the best approach. You may also apply in writing supplying all the details required under section 41 of the GIPA Act.
Section 41 provides for the application to:

- Be in writing.
- State that it is made under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW)
- Have an Australian postal address or email address for return correspondence
- Provide enough details to help the agency identify the information you want
- Enclose the application fee of $30
- Present the form or letter, the appropriate fee and, where necessary, identification to Blayney Shire Council.

Applications by mail, together with the appropriate fee, should be forwarded to:

General Manager
Blayney Shire Council
PO Box 62

Further enquiries may be directed to:
Phone: (02) 6368 2104

Open access information available on this website:

-   The Agency Information Guide information about Blayney Shire Council's structure and functions, and lists the types of information that is publicly available.
-   The Disclosure Log contains information about successful access applications if they raise matters of general public interest.
-   The Register of Contracts worth more $150,000 that Council has with private sector bodies.

Downloadable Documents:

Informal Access Request for Development Application Information Form (PDF 110.2KB)
Formal Access Request for Information Form (PDF 311.3KB)
Informal Access Request for Information Form (PDF 235.6KB)

Last modified: 19 May 2020

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