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Council Meetings and Committees

Council Meetings

Dates and Timing of Council Meetings:

Ordinary Council Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month commencing at 6.00pm, except for the month of January.

Council Meetings are held in the Blayney Shire Community Centre, located at 41 Church Street, Blayney, adjacent to the Council Administration Centre.
Members of the Public are welcome to both attend and participate in these meetings.  Further information is available about Public Participation.

Please confirm the meeting date and starting time by referring to the front cover of the current Business Paper.  A complete list of Council Meeting Dates for the year can be viewed on-line.

Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act and Regulations and Council's adopted Code of Meeting Practice.

Address from the Public Gallery at Council Meetings:

With prior notification and arrangement with the General Manager or the Mayor, a member of the public can address a Council meeting personally, on behalf of a group of residents or on any issue to be considered by Council.  A Public Forum Speakers RequestForm is available online. Applications, should apply in writing by 4.30pm, on the day of the meeting.  For further details please contact Council at or call on (02) 6368 2104.

A person can speak for a maximum period of five (5) minutes on a topic where there is a direct link between the applicant and the substance of the agenda item.  More time may be provided to a speaker at the discretion of the chair. Public Access cannot be used to request reports from the Mayor, Councillors or staff, nor be used to address matters in the Minutes of an earlier meeting or matters already dealt with at the meeting.  Persons speaking may use appropriate materials or documents to support their position, but may not table documents to be actioned.

Business Paper and Minutes of Meeting:

The current Business Paper is available to the public and media on the Friday prior to the meeting date. 

Live Streaming of Council Meetings

To view live and previously recorded Council meetings, click here.


Council operates a number of different types of Committees.  Further information about Council Committees is available and summarised below:

Committees of Council

The Committees of Council consist solely of elected representatives and are created to allow more detailed consideration of specific functions of Council. These Committees of Council include:

Advisory Committees

The role of an advisory Committee is to monitor, review and advise Council on specific matters relating to its day to day operations.

Section 355 Committees

Section 355 of the Local Government Act 1993 allows Council to constitute committees to exercise some of the functions of Council. These committees are delegated specific authorities relevant to their purposes. They are generally of an advisory or facility management nature and may include elected and community representatives. 

External Committees

Council has representation on various committees with relevance to the Shire through the appointment of delegates.

Flyers Creek Community Consultative Committee

For meeting dates and times please contact Council

How do I become a member of a Committee?

Council encourages community participation in a number of its functions. One way in which citizens can become involved is by becoming a member of a committee.

Members of the public are encouraged to nominate for membership to a Section 355 or and other committee activities as a volunteer member.

Council will invite nominations as vacancies become available. Nomination forms are to be forwarded to Council for approval using the attached nomination form  


Last modified: 15 Jul 2021

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