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Fencing Fact Sheet Thumbnail Image
Dividing Fences - Fact Sheet (pdf 301.3KB)
The Dividing Fences Act 1991 addresses how the cost of a dividing fence is shared between adjoining land owners, where an owner wants to erect a dividing fence or wants work done on an existing dividing fence.
Fact Sheet - How your rates are calculated (pdf 257.5KB)
Fact Sheet - How your rates are calculated
Fact Sheet - Land Value System (pdf 147.9KB)
Fact Sheet - Land Value System
Stormwater Thumbnail Image
Storm Water - Fact Sheet (pdf 153.3KB)
Rainwater can collect litter and chemicals from footpaths, driveways, roads, gutters and yards as it flows into stormwater drains … and these stormwater drains lead to local waterways.
Water Wise Thumbnail Image
Water Wise - Fact Sheet (pdf 130.6KB)
Because water is available at the turn of a tap, we tend to use more than we really need.
Wood Heaters Thumbnail Image
Wood Heaters - Fact Sheet (pdf 65.3KB)
Wood fire heaters are a great way to stay warm in winter. To get the most out of your heater and keep any smoke nuisance to a minimum, ensure you follow these important hints.
Last modified: 27 Jun 2019

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