Council Update

Documents on Public Exhibition

Following the May Ordinary Meeting, Council is seeking comment on the following documents now on public exhibition. These documents are available for viewing by visiting Council’s website of Council’s office.
  • Draft 2018/19-2021/22 Delivery Program
  • Draft 2018/19-2021/22 Operational Plan
  • Draft Resourcing Strategy which includes the following documents:
    • Long Term Financial Plan 2018/28
    • Workforce Management Plan 2018/22
    • Asset Management Plans 2018/28
  • Draft Asset Management Policy and Asset Management Strategy
  • Draft Records Management Policy

Council is inviting written submissions to be received by Council prior to close of business on Thursday 21 June 2018.

Collection of Firewood Along Roadside Verges

Residents who rely on wood heaters for warmth may collect firewood on private property with permission or purchase wood from a merchant.

It is important that firewood collection is sustainable and does not impact on fauna which may use hollow logs or dead wood as habitat. Animals may live in hollow logs or use fallen timber as shelter. Many insects consume dead wood, and animals are attracted to the wood to feed on the insects. Hollow logs and timber are important for our native wildlife.

A few simple changes can make firewood collection more sustainable:
  • Leave any established hollow logs
  • Don't remove all the wood from an area - leave some behind to remain as habitat.
  • Look for smaller pieces of timber which are less likely to be used by native animals in the future
  • Plant a tree on your property to replace wood removed
  • If you purchase wood from a supplier, ask them about the sustainability of their firewood.
Collecting firewood from roadsides and reserves is not permitted.

Vegetation within roadside corridors and reserves, including dead or fallen timber, provide habitat for native animals such as lizards, birds, bats and smaller insects and as such, are protected.

Council takes great pride in conserving the native vegetation and habitats that make up roadside reserves across the region. People found to be collecting wood or other materials or cutting down or damaging trees within a Council road reserve may be issued a fine of $220 for every offence.

If you see someone collecting firewood, or other material such as plants or rocks, please report it to Council's Environment Section on 02 6368 2104.

What information do you need to report?
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • A description of the activity observed
  • Additional information, for example if a vehicle is present: the registration, model, type and colour  

Cemetery Maps

Blayney Shire Council maintains and manages several cemeteries including Blayney, Carcoar, Hobbys Yards, Lyndhurst, Millthorpe, Neville and Newbridge.

Council has incorporated an Interactive Mapping tool to use to look up Cemetery records, graves and associated information.

This is available on Council’s website

Waste Collection

You can now find your waste collection information on Council’s website. Simply enter your residential address and get the week your waste/recycling should be picked up from your property.

Your red-lid waste bin is collected weekly and your yellow-lid bin is collected fortnightly. Visit

Last modified: 24 May 2018

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