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Cr Scott Ferguson (Mayor)
Cr Allan Ewin (Deputy Mayor)
Cr Geoff Braddon OAM
Cr David Kingham
Cr Shane Oates
Cr Kevin Radburn
Cr David Somervaille

Local Government elections are usually held every four years.  It is compulsory for all residents within the Council area to vote if their names appear on the electoral roll.  Non-resident property owners may vote if they make application for their names to be included on a non-residential roll.

Blayney Council consists of seven Councillors who equally represent the entire Local Government Area, with the last election held on 8 September 2012. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are nominated and elected annually by their fellow Councillors.

Councillors are required to lodge details twice annually of Political Donations and Electoral Expenditure  which are published on the Election Funding Authority website.

Councillors are always happy to hear from members of the community about issues of interest and concern.


Cr Geoff Braddon OAM

Geoff Braddon was born in Carcoar on 27th January 1945. He was educated at the convent school in Carcoar and went to work at the abattoirs for a period of twenty years. During this period Geoff undertook his National Service in the Australian Army. Geoff continued with the Army Reserve for thirty years. Geoff now works as a Contractor from his home base at Carcoar. Cr Braddon has four children, Simon, Candice, Jack and Molly-Jo. Cr Braddon was first elected to Blayney Shire Council as a Councillor in 1978 - in those days it was called Lyndhurst Shire. Geoff has been Deputy Mayor three times during his 26 years of service with local government.

Geoff Braddon OAM
Phone: 02 6367 3139
Fax: 02 6367 3139
Geoff Braddon_115x225.jpg

Cr Allan Ewin

Cr Allan Ewin is in his second term on Blayney Shire Council. The Ewin family have lived in the Blayney Shire for over six generations.  He and his wife Helen have raised 5 children and believe that the Blayney Shire is a great place to live, raise a family and retire. A place to grow your dreams.

 Allan has been a member of the Blayney Rotary Club for 28 years, the Blayney/Carcoar Landcare group, the Blayney Health Council and  Blayney A & P Association.  He gains great satisfaction in being an active member of the Blayney Shire community. "Should you be new to our Shire - welcome;  or if you are a resident lets work together to build a great future for our youth and generations to follow."

Allan Ewin
Phone: 02 6366 5096
Fax: 02 6366 5026
Allan Ewin_115x225.jpg

Cr Scott Ferguson

Councillor Scott Ferguson was born in Blayney in 1962, he is married with three children. Cr Ferguson is a member of the Blayney Rotary Club and a Member of the Blayney Health Council, Chair of Skillset Apprenticeship and Training Organisation and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Cr Ferguson is a plumbing contractor in the Blayney area. This is Councillor Ferguson's fourth term as Councillor with Blayney Shire.

Scott Ferguson
Phone: 02 6368 2221 or 0418 637 828
Fax: 02 6368 2359

Cr David Kingham

David Kingham
Phone: 02 6367 5110                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
David Kingham_115x225.jpg

Cr Shane Oates

Shane Oates
Phone: 02 63684262                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Cr Kevin Radburn

Elected to Council following elections held on the 13th September 2008.

I am 50 years old, married and my partners name is Jennene.  We have two grown sons, Nathan and Mathew.  Nathan has a daughter Mariah, and a son called Darcy.  Mathew has a daughter Trinity and his wife is Katie.  Nathan's wife is Elisha.  I was born in Blayney and lived at Neville until attending boarding school in Sydney.  I have spent the past 9 years at Neville and before that lived in Blayney for almost twenty years.
I work as a property manager, a storeman and run a horse breeding operation on my property at Neville.  I have a keen interest in horse racing and most sports.  I play tennis and golf.  I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.
I look forward to the challenge of being a Councillor and will give it my best.

Kevin Radburn
Phone: 02 6368 8599
Fax: 02 6368 8513

Kevin Radburn_115x225.jpg

Cr David Somervaille

David and his wife, Karen, live on Newbridge Road.  They run the function centre known as Athol Gardens, as well as an Angus cattle breeding business on the property.  David and Karen have 4 daughters:  Mia lives and works in Blayney, Hannah lives in Melbourne; Veronica was recently married in Millthorpe and now lives in Berry and Ella lives in Sydney.
David has been a resident in the district since 1972.  He has commuted to Sydney for his practice as a corporate and finance lawyer, but now works almost exclusively from Athol.

David Somervaille
Phone: 02 6368 2639
David Somervaille_150x225.jpg

State and Federal Representatives


Federal Member for Calare - The Hon. Andrew Gee MP

Electorate Office 1

1/179a Anson Street
PO Box 673
Orange, NSW, 2800

Telephone:  (02) 6361 7138
Fax:             (02) 6362 3480

Electorate Office 2

85 Keppel Street
PO Box 54
Bathurst, NSW 2795

Telephone:   (02) 6331 0524
Fax:              (02) 6331 2561                                                                                                                                                                                         

State Member for Bathurst -  Paul Toole, MP

Electorate Office                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Suites 1 and 2
229 Howick Street

Telephone:  (02) 6332 1300
Fax:             (02) 6332 1900


Council Structure

Blayney Shire Council's internal structure is divided between three Divisions: Corporate Services, Infrastructure Services and Planning & Environmental Services. Council employs approximately 70 staff located at its Administration Centre, Council's depot and CentrePoint Sport & Leisure.

Senior Management

Blayney Shire Council Structure

Last modified: 28 Mar 2017

Role of Local Government

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Role of Local Government
A review of the function of Local Government, its structure and operations to serve the local community.

Blayney Shire Council

91 Adelaide Street, Blayney NSW 2799
PO Box 62, Blayney NSW 2799
Telephone: (02) 6368 2104
Facsimilie: (02) 6368 3290

Council opening hours:
Monday to Friday
9.00am - 4.30pm

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