CentrePoint Major Project

The pool hall will be closed from mid-July 2019 to March 2020 for Stage 1 of the CentrePoint Sport and Leisure Pool Upgrade. The project has a total value of $4.2 million funded by the Federal Government Building Better Regions Fund and Blayney Shire Council cash reserves. The contract was awarded to local company Hines Construction Pty Ltd.

Key features of the project include; renovation of toilets and change rooms, new pre/post shower area and raising the water level of all 3 pools to concourse level.   Accessibility will be significantly improved through the installation of a new pool pod to the 25m pool, construction of a compliant access ramp to the middle pool and new unisex accessible toilet facilities which are also family change rooms.

Behind the scenes, the upgrade will include a complete upgrade of the plant room and all pipework, installation of a new, modern water disinfection/filtration plant and the ability to separate the temperature control for each of the 3 individual pools.  This will mean lap swimmers can swim at the recommended 26° and the middle pool can enjoy water exercise and hydrotherapy up to a maximum 32°.

The warmer water in the middle pool will comfortably cater for water aerobics and Learn to Swim classes; helping to prevent chattering teeth from the cold during lessons. The new toddler pool incorporating an aqua slide tower will assist and encourage younger children to experience water in a safe and interactive environment. See below for a full list of what is included in the project.

The dry courts, gym and fitness classes will still be in operation with the gym launching extended hours access where members will be able to use the gym from 4:30am – 11:00pm all year round outside of staffed hours.

CentrePoint Sport & Leisure Centre Stage 1 Aquatic & Building Upgrades 

 Accessibility upgrades

· Installation of a pool pod to 25m pool,
· Construction of a compliant ramp to the middle pool,
· Construction of 6 new accessible bathrooms,

25m and middle pool upgrades

· Construction of new edge guttering to both pools, raising the water level to the concrete concourse,
· Relining the pools with a new watertight lining system,
· Installation of new diving blocks,
· Installation of new automated sub surface pool covers.

Toddler Pool

· Demolition of existing pool and construction of a new larger 300mm deep pool area incorporating new children’s play tower

Plant room & plant infrastructure

· Construction of entirely new Plant room infrastructure including;
- New pump room and infrastructure,
- New pipe infrastructure and balance tanks
- New UFF Water treatment system,
- Additional oxidation side stream system.
· Creation of individual pool temperature control for each of the 3 pools (currently all 3 run at 28 degrees)
- 25m pool will be set at the recommended lap swimming temperature of 26°
- Middle pool can enjoy water exercise and hydrotherapy up to a maximum 32°.

Building Works

· Reconfiguration and full renovation of toilets and change rooms including; lighting, under tile heating and new mechanical ventilation,
· Creation of a new pre and post swim shower area.

Last modified: 17 Oct 2019

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