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Access Incentive Scheme

Blayney Shire Council offers an Access Incentive Scheme to assist in improving access compliance to local businesses and community organisations with premises in a Main Street and/or hospitality outlets prioritised. 


The program seeks to support businesses towards some of the upfront cost towards an Access Consultant report. Generally through the program Council will seek to coordinate a preliminary visit from an Access consultant from Sydney (once 2 or 3 businesses seek a report). 

This saves the business thousands of dollars, ascertains initial access solutions for the business to consider. The business then has the option to proceed to engage the consultant for a detailed Access Report to lodge with a Development Application and/or Construction Certificate.  

Applicants are eligible to apply for financial assistance if their proposed building or works are to be carried out within the Blayney Shire and the applicant is a business, not for profit community organisation, or a community service provider.

Requests under the Access Incentive Scheme will be to be reviewed by Council’s Planning and Environmental Services Department staff to determine access compliance in relation to the Premises Standards, Australian Standard AS1428.1 and the Building Code of Australia.

Should the premises be a heritage item or be within a heritage conservation area then Council’s Heritage Adviser will also be consulted.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposal with Council Planning and Environmental Services staff prior to lodging an application in writing with Council. 



Access Incentive Scheme Level 3 


Last modified: 11 Jul 2023