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Filming in Blayney Shire

Blayney Shire has a number of historical village and country landscapes which have been used for filming of various movies, TV series and advertisements.

Council is required to abide by the Local Government Filming Protocol and aims to work in partnership with filming groups to ensure minimal impact on the local community and ensure smooth filming process for the film makers.


As a general principle, local councils and government agencies are required to approve screen projects unless there are compelling reasons not to do so. Councils and agencies are required to give a timely written response.

There is now a presumption that filming activities are allowed on community land, subject to conditions to ensure environmental protection or express exclusions in the applicable plan of management.

Government and local council fees and charges associated with location filming must be reasonable and cost reflective.

Depending on the location/s of the filming there are various approvals which are required by Council:

Roads and Footpaths: Filming which requires the closure or partial closure of a road or on a footpath, are required to submit a s138 application to Council (fees apply), applications need to be submitted by the NSW Planning Portal.

Council Land: Approval is required from Council to film on Council land. Certain Council venues (sporting grounds primarily) will incur a venue hire fee.

Private Land (residential or business): Filmmakers need to seek agreement from owners to film on private land such as homes and business premises. Council approval is not required unless associated activity occurs on public land, then it may be necessary, subject to legislative requirements, for a filming approval to be sought for these associated activities. Filmmakers are under an obligation to notify surrounding residents and businesses.

Filmmakers planning to film in Blayney Shire are required to complete the form below. Depending on the scale of the project, Council may request a meeting to discuss community impact. 

Last modified: 14 Jun 2024