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Fees and Charges

If you're planning to build or renovate, it's likely you'll need to submit a an application (CDC/DA/S68) to gain consent from Council. There are many different types of applications depending on what works you want to carry out, it is a formal request for consent to carry out a proposed development, such as:

  • building, earthworks, landscaping and other works.
  • demolishing a structure.
  • changing the use of land.
  • subdividing land or strata subdividing buildings.
  • adjusting property boundaries.


Calculating Cost of Works

The genuine cost of the development proposed in a development application should include costs based on industry recognised prices, including cost for materials and labour for construction and/or demolition and GST. If the estimate is understated, the figure will need to be adjusted. Additional application fees may then be incurred.

Your application must be approved before work can begin on your development.


Cost Estimate Report

Current Fees & Charges

Last modified: 08 Sep 2023