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Application Forms and Checklists

The below checklists and forms have been created to try and make the application process as smooth as possible for you.

CDC checklists are for your to help determine if you’re eligible to apply for a CDC application (which is a faster turnaround to the DA process) or, if not applicable, you will need to apply for a DA. For the DA application you will need to consult the DCP (Development Control Plan) Checklists. The DCP checklists will help identify if there is anything specific you need to address in your DA application, so when you apply it will help speed up the assessment process.

Additionally you will need to submit a Statement of Environmental Effects (SoEE) form with either a CDC or DA application, proforma statements are below, chose the one you need based of the type of application you are making.

Last modified: 22 Sep 2023