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Road Verges & Roadside Vegetation

Road Verges

In 2023, Council completed a major review of its road verge maintenance areas as it was identified that Council were maintaining verges in front of private properties, which should be the responsibility of the landowner.

There are areas in each village/town which Council have identified they would still maintain as they are areas of amenity and entrances to or through the township, as well as Council owned parks, recreation grounds and ovals.

Residents/owners maintaining the verge in the front of their property is greatly appreciated as it positively reflects on the locality in which we live, the presentation of our own property and ultimately the wider Blayney Shire.

Download the revised Parks and Gardens Maintenance Area Map here.

If you have any further questions please contact Council directly on (02) 6368 2104.

Roadside Vegetation

Blayney Shire Council has a Roadside Vegetation Management Plan. The Plan is based on the assessment of remnant roadside vegetation existing in the Shire, which categorised the roads into high, medium or low value depending on the quality of remnant vegetation existing on the roadside. The location of rare, endangered or uncommon species was also identified. This information was transferred to a Shire map and included in the Plan. One of the major aims of the Plan was to conserve and properly manage the valuable remnant vegetation still existing on Shire roadsides.

Further information regarding the Roadside Vegetation Management Plan can be obtained by contacting Council's Supervisor Parks and Recreation on (02) 6368 2104. The Blayney Shire Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines Glovebox Guide can be downloaded here

Applications for Roadside Grazing Stock Permits can be obtained from your Local Land Services office, or contacting them on 1300 795 299.

For further information, watch the following videos.




Last modified: 20 Sep 2023