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Where to Start?

Planning and Development Enquiry

For general advice about planning, what can you do on land you already own, or land you are intending to purchase, fill out the Pre DA form to get tailored advice regarding planning controls within our Shire. Be as specific as you can be regarding what you are trying to achieve, include a sketch if you can, to illustrate what you are trying to achieve.

What information will I need to provide:

  • Your contact details (full name, phone number and email address)
  • Address of property to develop (including Lot & DP)
  • Description of development (new dwelling, additions to existing dwelling, shed, subdivision, etc)
  • Sketch plan of the site development
What you will find out from your enquiry:
  • Whether your proposed development is permissible?
  • If an application to Council is required? Also, what type of application(s) and supporting information/plans will be required to put together an application.
  • How control plans, legislative codes and policies affect your proposed development?

Submit a Planning Enquiry here or email your enquiry to planning@blayney.nsw.gov.au. If further information is required to be able to give you meaningful advice, our Town Planners, Building Surveyors or Engineers will contact you for further information.

Alternatively, feel free to read through Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) which sets out standard guidelines for everyday development in each zone. Just note, more than one Part of the DCP may apply. Unsure of what parts apply? We encourage you to consult with Council’s Planning Department for clarification as to which Parts or Sections in this DCP will apply to a particular development proposal.


What zone is my land in?

The ePlanning Spatial Viewer is the NSW Planning Portal's digital mapping service. It provides up-to-date information on how planning controls and other planning matters affect a given property and the surrounding area. To determine what zone your land is in, or land you are looking to purchase , visit NSW Spatial Viewer and put in the address, it will show you the zone of the land and applicable control plans, LEP’s, minimum lot sizes etc.                                                 

Last modified: 14 Jan 2022