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Committees of Council

Committees of Council play an important role in providing a mechanism for consultation, input and community engagement with residents, stakeholders and our various Town and Progress/Village Associations and this review seeks to support an effective and appropriate committee structure.

Committees have no budget, unless specified, nor any delegation of authority to make decisions or bind Council to any action.  Upon considering a matter, advice is provided to Council via recommendations made and recorded in Committee Meeting Minutes and presented to Council for adoption or exclusion at the next available Council meeting.

Council Committee meetings are held in Council facilities after hours in most cases, and a member of the senior staff team provides the secretarial and administration support at no additional overtime cost to the organisation. 

Councillors travel expenses in undertaking their duties, roles and responsibilities include representing Council are addressed in Councils Payment of Expenses and Provisions of facilities to Mayors and Councillors Policy. Community representatives are volunteers and contribute without any reimbursement of travel or other meeting expenses. 

Termed a Section 355 Committee, Council may establish a Committee of Council to exercise its functions on Council’s behalf as per section 355(b) of the NSW Local Government Act (1993). Division 5 (s259-271) of the Local Government

Regulations (2005) details the provisions and operations pertaining to the establishment of Council Committees Current Committees

Current Committees

Following the Local Government Elections, at the Council meeting held on Monday 25 September it was resolved to maintain the following Committees of Council as per section 355(b) of the Local Government Act (1993) for the new Council term;
  • Australia Day Committee
  • Financial Assistance Program Advisory Committee
  • Blayney Shire Floodplain Management Committee
  • Disability Inclusion Working Group
  • Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee

Check the key dates page for Committee Meeting dates.

How do I become a member of a Committee?

Council encourages community participation in a number of its functions. One way in which citizens can become involved is by becoming a member of a committee.
Members of the public are encouraged to nominate for membership to a Section 355 or and other committee activities as a volunteer member.

Council will invite nominations as vacancies become available

Committee Nomination Form - Committee Charters for committees can be found below.


Last modified: 20 Mar 2024