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Community Financial Assistance Program



Community Financial Assistance Program

Blayney Shire Council provides financial assistance for local community organisations in accordance with Policy 3I Community Financial Assistance. This Program enables Council and the community to work together to help make Blayney Shire a great place to live.

Each year there are 2 rounds of funding with applications called in June and November. Applications are assessed by a committee and recommendations are then endorsed by Council. Funds are released following endorsement by Council. At the conclusion of each project, applicants are required to complete an acquittal form.

For more information, a copy of the Guidelines, Application Form and Acquittal Form are available below.
Application forms and the closing date for applications, will be notified on this website for the period when the Community Financial Assistance Program is open.

Council also provides financial support to Village Progress Associations and Public Hall Committees regarding Public Liability Insurance and to community groups with rates and charges (i.e. sewer and waste). A copy of the Application Form can be found below.

The categories of financial assistance include:

  1. Recurrent financial assistance
  2. Non-recurrent financial assistance (Up to $5000 or more in exceptional cases)
  3. Sporting related financial assistance
  4. Flagship annual community project (Up to $25,000 for a major project)

Applicants are required to obtain a copy of the guidelines and complete the application form.

Council will not consider requests for financial support (cash or in-kind) outside of this program.

The Financial Assistance Committee, comprising community 5 representatives and 2 Councillors, reviews applications following the closing date of funding rounds and make recommendations to the next Ordinary Council meeting for endorsement. The General Manager is also delegated to make recommendations for approval by Council for Council works / services and sporting related applications. 

A summary of approvals by Council can be found below.

Projects / activities funded under the Community Financial Assistance are disclosed in Council’s Annual Report that can be found on the Access to Council Information webpage.

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Lodgement of Applications

Applications should be lodged by either email to council@blayney.nsw.gov.au or via post to PO Box 62, Blayney NSW 2799.

To reduce the chance of your application being lost or missed, please ensure you send your application to the above addressing.


Step by Step Guide Community Financial Assistance Program

Funding Guidelines

Application Forms

Application Form - One Off Financial Assistance

Application Form - Representative Sporting Selection Application Form

Application Form - Annual Flagship Community Project

Claim Form

Claim form for Pre-Approved Contribution to Rates / Public Liability Insurance / Event

Acquittal Forms

Project Acquittal Form

Summary of Determinations and Approvals

Summary of Funding Determinations and Approvals and Summary of Approvals under General Manager Delegation


Last modified: 29 Nov 2023