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Post Approval Inspections

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Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) 
Subdivision Certificate
Section 68 Final
Occupation Certificate

Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

Before you start any approved building/construction work, your local council or accredited certifier must be appointed as a principal certifying authority (PCA). You must notify Council of the appointment of the accredited Private Certifier at least 2 days prior to the commencement of any building work.

The PCA oversees the development’s construction phase and completes mandatory building inspections, known as critical stage inspections, to make sure that building standards are met.

Once building work has finished, the PCA will complete final inspections and issue the final occupation certificate, if all requirements have been satisfied.

You can choose an independent accredited certifier (PCA) or contact your Council for further information.


As the owner or contractor in charge of the build, it is your role is to work with the nominated PCA to schedule required inspections at certain stages of the build (required inspections will be listed in your development consent). It is advised to book inspections 48 hours prior to when they’re required to ensure that inspections can be carried out in a timely manner. Missing an inspection can lead to delays and non-issue of Final Occupation Certificate’s if critical stage inspections are missed. 

Inspections generally required, depending on the type of application include:

  • Piers/slab;
  • Frame;
  • Stormwater/septic/sewer;
  • Wet area/internal/external;
  • Final.

To book an inspection contact Council on 6368 2104, during business hours and 48hrs prior to when an inspection is required.

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Subdivision Certificate

You will require this certificate to subdivide/consolidate a property. If you subdivision/consolidation is subject to DA approval, all conditions of consent will need to be complied with prior to the issue of a subdivision certificate.

Subdivision activities include the:

  • division of an existing lot into two or more lots;
  • consolidation of two or more existing lots that are then redivided, along new boundaries, into two or more lots;
  • boundary adjustment between two or more lots;
  • dedication of an existing lot as a public road or as a public reserve;
  • setting aside of an existing lot as a drainage reserve.

Apply for Subdivision Certificate via the NSW Planning Portal.

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Section 68 Final

All plumbing and drainage work carried out in the Shire must comply with the current version of the Plumbing Code of Australia and Australia Standard AS/NZS 3500 and all work must be undertaken by a NSW licensed plumber.

NSW Fair Trading licenses plumbers and drainers under the Home Building Act 1989 and all plumbing and drainage work must be completed by a person who holds a licence, qualified supervisor certificate or a trades person certificate. In addition, a system of on-site regulation ensures that NSW plumbing and drainage work is monitored, so it complies with technical standards and regulations.

Apply for s68 final via the NSW Planning Portal.

Occupation Certificate

The Occupation Certificate (OC) authorises the occupation and use of a new building or building section. For staged works, a part OC may be issued which allows you to occupy the completed part of the building.

Depending on the particular OC sought, the PCA must be satisfied the development meets various regulatory standards. These generally include that:

  • A development consent conditions have been satisfied;
  • The design and construction of the building is consistent with the development consent;
  • A CC has been issued and complied with;
  • That the building is suitable for occupation (in accordance with its BCA classification).

The issue of the final OC is the last step in the DA and construction process (though there could be ongoing conditions such as maintaining appropriate noise levels or landscape maintenance).

Apply for an OC via the NSW Planning Portal.


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Last modified: 24 Sep 2021