Australia Day Awards


The Blayney Shire Australia Day Awards recognise outstanding achievement and excellence in the local community, and highlights the importance of service to the Australian nation.


Being nominated for an Australia Day Award is a great honour, and is therefore a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to someone who makes you proud to be an Australian.

All residents are invited to nominate a member of the community whose exemplary contribution is deserving of recognition.  This could be a friend, family member, workmate or someone you have met while serving the community.

There are five (5) award categories which include:

Citizen of the year Award: for a person who, in their vocational and voluntary activities, provided meritorious service to the Blayney Shire

Young Citizen of the year Award: A person under the age of 25 who, in their vocational and voluntary activities, provided meritorious service to the community.  

Community Event of the Year Award: a local organisation that has staged the most outstanding community event during the year.

Volunteer of the Year Award: for a person who, in their voluntary activities, provided meritorious service to an organisation and or fundraising cause.

Blayney Shire Appreciation Award: for a group or person who have helped through their commitment to bind this community together into a community in which we can be proud to live.

Each year nominations are called for in October and close early December.

Awardees are recognised at an official ceremony held on Australia Day.

A list of awardees from past years can be found below.

1981 onwards list of Awardees

Printable version of the Australia Day nomination form

Australia Day 2019 Nomination

Australia Day 2019 Nomination form

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