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Public Speaker Request

Address from the Public Gallery at Council Meetings:
With prior notification and arrangement with the General Manager or the Mayor, a member of the public can address a Council meeting personally, on behalf of a group of residents or on any issue to be considered by Council.  A ReadSpeakerIconPublic Forum Speakers Request Form is available for downloading. Applications, should apply in writing by 4.30pm, on the day of the meeting.  For further details please contact Council at council@blayney.nsw.gov.au or call on (02) 6368 2104.

A person can speak for a maximum period of five (5) minutes on a topic where there is a direct link between the applicant and the substance of the agenda item.  More time may be provided to a speaker at the discretion of the chair. Public Access cannot be used to request reports from the Mayor, Councillors or staff, nor be used to address matters in the Minutes of an earlier meeting or matters already dealt with at the meeting.  Persons speaking may use appropriate materials or documents to support their position, but may not table documents to be actioned.
Last modified: 23 Jun 2021