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Development Application (DA)

A Development Application (DA) is an application for development approval that requires consent under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). A DA is an application for consent to carry out a proposed development (New dwelling, alterations and additions to an existing dwelling, shed, swimming pool etc.). 

Types of development that typically require DA approval:

  • New buildings, alterations or alterations/additions to existing buildings;
  • Change of use of an existing building or premises. (Please refer to these provisions of the State Policy for a full list of development standards under exempt development relating to changing the use of a premise);
  • Demolition of dwellings, heritage items or any building within a conservation area;
  • Earthworks, filling and clearing of land;
  • Subdivision of a parcel of land (includes consolidation of allotments, strata title or community title subdivision and boundary adjustments).
  • Commercial and industrial development.
Last modified: 18 Jan 2022