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Planning an Event

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Blayney Shire Council is committed to working with organisations and community groups to deliver safe, accessible, well-managed and well-promoted events.  

If you are conducting a Public Event you must complete an Event Management Application in accordance with the Blayney Shire Event Planning Guide. Event Management Applications must be prepared and submitted at least 4 months in advance of an event.

All Event Applications must be accompanied by the following documentation:

Depending on the scale of the event, Event Applications may also require the following additional applications or approvals:

To help with the promotion of your event you can complete our event promotion form.

If you are looking to host an event at one of our Sporting Ovals or Showground click here. 

If you are looking to host an event in one of our venues e.g. Community Centre or Village Halls click here. 

Last modified: 17 Oct 2022