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Rates and Payments

Revenue Policy (Fees and Charges)

Each year, Council is required to adopt a Revenue Policy that sets out its Income and Expenditure for the coming Financial Year. As part of its Revenue Policy, Council sets its fees and charges for the various services it provides.

Fees and Charges 2021-2022

A Rates calculator (see right-hand panel), can be downloaded and used to estimate current year's rates and services charges.

Components_of_Rates_Notice_2018 Final

For more information, click here

Paying Your Rates

Rate Payments may be made by:
  • Mail - Detach the payment slip from the rate notice and mail to Blayney Shire Council, PO Box 62, Blayney NSW 2799. Please make cheques payable to Blayney Shire Council.
  • In Person - Present the rate notice intact at any Australian Post Office. Payments may also be made at Council's Office, 91 Adelaide Street, Blayney. Payments may be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.
  • Internet - Pay over the internet using your credit card or pre-registered bank account at
  • BPAY - Contact your participating bank, credit union or building society to make payments directly from your cheque or savings account. You will be required to enter the Biller Code and BPAY reference number as detailed on the front of your rate notice.
  • Phone - Please call 13 18 16 to make your payments using your credit card. Mastercard and Visa cards may be used. Phone payment is a 24 hour service.
  • Direct Debit -You can arrange to have a set amount deducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You may also choose to have your annual rates debited on August 31st of each year or quarterly on the due date of each instalment. To begin a direct debit arrangement simply visit Council’s offices to complete a request, phone (02) 6368 2104 or e-mail to obtain a copy of the form by post or download a Direct Debit Form
  • Online - Pay your rates over the internet with your credit card or bank account using our secure Online Payment Portal
  • BPay View - To register with your bank for BPAY View log onto your online banking site and register to receive Blayney Shire Council rate accounts at the 'BPAY View' or 'View Bills' section. Once a registration is completed, you will receive an email notification when a rate notice is delivered to your online banking mailbox. To find out more about BPAY View click here

Payment by Instalments

Payments being made in full, should be made on or before the first instalment date.  If payments are being made by instalment, payment should be made on or before the due date of the instalment. A reminder notice will be forwarded to those ratepayers who choose to pay by instalments.

Instalment Dates

Payment in-full or payment of the 1st Instalment:
31st August
Payment of the 2nd Instalment 30th November
Payment of the 3rd Instalment 28th February
Payment of the 4th Instalment:
31st May

All payments made after the due date of payment will be subject to daily interest charges.

How to receive your rates via email

Instructions for setting up the ability to receive your rates notices via email can be downloaded here.

Or this link below will take you directly to the registration page.

Rating Categorisation and Sub-Categorisation Maps

Each piece of land in the Blayney Shire is assigned a category and these categories are used to determine what rates need to be paid. The Local Government Act has four main categories of rating which apply in Blayney Shire:
• Residential
• Farmland
• Mining
• Business

In addition, under Section 529(1) of the Local Government Act, Council also has the following sub-categories that sit within the above categories:

• Residential
Residential - Blayney & Carcoar

Residential - Millthorpe

• Business

Business - Blayney Millthorpe & Carcoar

• Mining

Mining - Gold and Copper

Mining Gold

The maps accessible from this page show the different categories of land across our Shire. The rates for each of these are based on the land value set by the State Valuer General and multiplied by the rate in the dollar for that particular category of land.

Under Section 405 of the Local Government Act, Council must have for inspection at its office a map that shows the parts of its area to which each category, and sub-category, of the ordinary rate and each special rate included in the draft operational plan applied during a period of public exhibition.

These maps are available from Council’s Administration Office at 91 Adelaide Street, Blayney. We also have them published on this webpage - option under the Module Menu


The series covers most of the Blayney LGA, subject to data availability. 

Note - Zoning Information

Zoning Classification is different to your rate category. For further information regarding your zone under the Council's current Local Environmental Plan (LEP), please contact Council's Environmental Services Department.

Please Note: the processes involved in generating this product have been fully automated and as a result, some information may be omitted or poorly presented. Where possible, the database is being amended to improve the final presentation.

Cadastral boundaries shown are the legal representation, not the physical. No liability will be accepted for any inaccuracy in the information depicted.

Land Values and Council Rates

The Valuer General has published a fact sheet for councils about land values and council rates.

 Land values and council rates

The fact sheet will help you understand the valuation system. It also includes the Valuer General's contact details for landholders to access more information or ask questions. 

Last modified: 01 Jul 2021

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