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The Blayney Shire Rates Calculator can be downloaded and used to estimate rates & charges as set-out in the current year's Operational Plan.

The downloaded Excel Spreadsheet can be used to estimate individual rates and charges based upon your Property Valuation, Rating Category, Services provided (waste and sewerage) and whether or not a Pensioner Rebate is applicable.

Click here to download the Rates Calculator for 2015-16 

Click here to download the Rates Calculator for 2016-17

Depending upon your computer's operating system, you may see a warning message as shown below.  If so, click on the option to 'enable editing' before continuing.

Edit Warning

  • To use the Rates Calculator, it will be necessary to enter the Land Value of your property in the first column of the spreadsheet ( under 'Your Land Valuation').  The Land Value for your property can be found by referring to your Rates Notice or VG Notice of Valuation.
  • The Rating Category for your property should be selected from the first drop down box (Ordinary Rates)
  • The appropriate option in each of the remaining drop-down boxes should be selected, based upon services provided and whether or not a Pension Rebate is applicable.

Certain rating categories or services provided (commercial sewer connection) will not be able to be calculated using the Rates Calculator and Council should be contacted by phone 02 6368 2104 or online for a rates estimate.

Last modified: 17 Mar 2020

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