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Difficulty Paying Your Rates?


Are you experiencing difficulty when paying your Rates or other Council charges?

At times in our lives, we all struggle to pay bills and Council is well aware that sometimes you just need a bit of assistance or time to meet your commitments. If you are in this situation, please contact Council as we may be able to sit down and help you with a payment plan that will better suit your needs. Satisfactory arrangements can usually be made to tailor your payments to more manageable amounts.

Council is required to collect outstanding rates and charges from the community, however, if we hear from you we are in a position to manage how we do this.  If you contact Council staff as soon as you know you are having difficulties, it is far better than Council commencing action to recover a debt causing you more stress and additional cost. Council also recognises there are cases of genuine financial hardship requiring respect and compassion. Council has a ‘Pensioner and Hardship Policy’ which provides guidelines for the assessment of hardship applications.  If you cannot pay your rates by the dates required then please contact Council to discuss alternate payment arrangements. For further information, see the Pensioner and Hardship Policy and complete the Application for Hardship Assistance form. 

Please come and talk to our staff confidentially about your need for time to pay your rates or other charges.

Last modified: 26 Jun 2023