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Heritage Park Toilets
21 Sep 2021
The toilets at Heritage Park are currently closed due to damage. To minimise future damage, Council has also installed CCTV outside the toilets at Heritage Park.
Master Plan - Project Update
1 Sep 2021
Council has engaged Place Design Group to develop plans for both Millthorpe and Blayney CBDs that will invigorate and activate the village/town centres, ensuring they meet the needs of the local community, people who visit the village and local business’. Community consultation sessions are to be held in mid-September
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Council Services Survey - Have Your SayThis link will open in a new window
1 Sep 2021
Blayney Shire Council would like to know how satisfied you are with our services provided to our community. Help us plan for our future delivery of projects and facilities. We welcome your suggestions and appreciate your feedback. To go in the draw to win a $100 voucher to a Blayney Shire business of your choice, please provide your phone number/email at the end of the survey. Survey closes 30 September 2021
2021 NSW Local Government Elections
14 Jul 2021
Election will be held in Blayney Shire on Saturday, 4 December 2021. If you are an owner, rate-paying lessee or occupier of rateable land which is not your primary residence, you or a nominee may be entitled to be enrolled on the roll of non-residential owners of rateable land or the roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees for this election.
Your Future Village Centre Vision – Millthorpe Community Survey
13 Apr 2021
Blayney Shire Council has plans to invigorate and activate the Millthorpe Village Centre. We need your ideas to start developing the schematic design!

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General Manager Update
23 Sep 2021
Council is currently experiencing an unprecedented increase in development related phone enquiries, pre purchase enquires and lodgement of applications. As a comparison in 2019/20 Council processed a total of 252 development applications, and in 2020/21 a total of 345 applications were assessed, which is a 37% increase.
Council Update
23 Sep 2021
Local Council elections will take place on Saturday 4 December 2021. The NSW Electoral Commission are looking for people to work at these elections. Working at the election is a good way to earn some money, learn new skills and help your community have their say.
Council Connect - September 2021This link will open in a new window
2 Sep 2021
The September Council newsletter has information on the Council Services Survey, Millthorpe and Blayney Master Plans and COVID resources.
Want to be a Councillor?
8 Jul 2021
The NSW Local Government Elections will be held for all Councils on Saturday 4 December 2021.
NSW Planning Portal – Mandatory Use
2 Jun 2021
The NSW Planning Portal is a digital space where community, industry and government are working together to better understand and meet their obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and has been operational in the Blayney Shire since January.

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What's On?

Woolcraft and Hobby Group | Fortnightly Mondays
People engaging in craft and hobby activities. We do knitting, crotchet, spinning, quilting, scrapbooking, needlework and many other crafts. Please come and join us, share your skill as we’d love to learn. 10am to 2pm at the Blayney Community Centre. Cost to attend $4. Contact Jan Steele. M 0433 1666 094
Garage Sale Trail | 13 - 14 & 20 - 21 November 2021
Blayney Shire Council is bringing Australia’s biggest community and sustainability event, Garage Sale Trail, to the local area this November over 2 big weekends. This jam-packed weekends of garage sales is a great way to declutter, fundraise and meet your neighbours. Sellers in 2018 made an average of $309 at their garage sale and met 46 new connections in their community. Households, schools, community groups and local businesses are invited to host a sale or shop the Trail, joining over 400,000 Australians in this nationwide movement that’s all about putting secondhand first. For shoppers, Garage Sale Trail is a great opportunity to pick up a bargain and find something unique, all whilst doing your bit for the environment. It’s guilt-free retail therapy! Register your sale or search a local map of garage sales in the area at
Millthorpe Markets | 5th December 2021
Held twice a year in April and December, the Millthorpe Markets are acknowledged as one of the best in NSW with visitors enjoying great food, excellent stalls and a wonderful atmosphere. Undertaken as a fund raising event by the Millthorpe Public School P&C, the Christmas and Autumn markets are a great opportunity to combine shopping with a beautiful drive in the country and a visit to the delightful historic town of Millthorpe.

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Mayoral Comment-2-325x130


For 2020/21 Council programs, whilst ambitious remain responsible with a reasonable operational surplus forecast of $847k before capital grants and contributions. 

Council has adopted the full rate peg increase of 2.6% as recommended and set by IPART. Much of our farming land has been impacted by the NSW Valuer General revaluations conducted in 2019, which come into effect in 2020/21. Council has smoothed the potential increases to provide more equity across the Shire, by increasing the farmland category base rate to $550.

Residential Rates will also be shared more equitably across the shire, by setting all base rate amounts to $333.

The averages for the Residential sub-categories will range from $678.44 to 700.49 for 2020/21. The 2019/20 year comparison range was $661.95 to $680.71.

Council has also made some structural changes to Business rates to ease the impact of some significant swings in land valuations. The base rate has been set at $433 to equitably share the rate burden. Averages range from $1,048.77 to $1,280.91 for 2020/21.

The 2019/20 comparison range was $986.16 to $1245.80. The mining rate category continues to contribute a substantial amount to Council’s rate base and represents 49.8% of rate income. Council is cognisant of the risk of being too reliant on this income, and therefore have directed a large proportion of this revenue towards funding capital projects.

Domestic Waste annual charges are proposed to decrease from $380 to $340. No changes have been proposed to the Commercial Waste Annual Charge. A $6 increase to the Waste Management Levy to $30 will continue to equitably distribute the operational costs associated with the Blayney Waste Facility to all residents who have access to the facility, not just those with a domestic or non-domestic waste service.

Council has forecast that it will receive $2.82m of untied grant monies from the Financial Assistance Grant in the 2020/21 financial year based on a 2.5% increase from the prior year.
Council continues to deliver some major capital works with works proposed for Carcoar Street, Blayney totalling $1.1m funded from General Revenue.

Other capital works expenditure includes replacement of the flood damaged bridge over Limestone Creek on Boondaroo Road $500K; an upgrade to Frape Street stormwater drainage $500k and a further $1.27m to fund heavy patching, gravel resheeting and reseal works throughout the shire.

Council’s 2020/21 footpath program will see $536k spent on network renewals and new footpaths across the shire, including improved access at Millthorpe railway underpass and Victoria Street Millthorpe , Stage 1 of works along Plumb Street Blayney, an extension along Eulamore Street Carcoar to connect to Uralba Village and Crouch Street Neville.

The Major and Minor Plant replacement program continues with replacements of $1.17m scheduled to take place in the 2020/21 year.

Council’s operational expenditure for the 2020/21 Financial Year includes provision of a 3.0% increase to wages inclusive of the 2.5% State Award increase and a further 0.5% progression based increase on Award entitlement where applicable. Our financial sustainability and capacity to deliver services efficiently and effectively are testament to our staff who are committed to the community aspirations to improving the amenity and liveability of our town and villages.

To download the full 2020/21-2023/24 Delivery Program and 2020/21 Operational Plan please click here



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